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Max Blumenthal’s Coverage of Pastor Thomas Muthee at Wasilla Assembly of God, September 2008.

October 10, 2008

Video from hidden cameras and tape recorders and video from Wasilla, Alaska. It includes interviews with Rev. Howard Bess, author of “Pastor, I am Gay”, a book that Palin and others successfully fought to get banned from the Mat-Su Valley bookstores and that she sought to get banned from the public library. And an interview with Peggy Brown, executive director the Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault who talks about the huge number of cases of rape and incest that occur in the region. And an attempted interview with McCain-Palin campaign representatives in Wasilla. There is also coverage of an anti-abortion really in Wasilla (I guess these are pretty common occurances). The speaker makes the argument that using birth control pills amounts to murder.

And Max’s web site.

Is this why there are no snakes in Alaska?


Sarah Palin, Katie Couric, and No to Abortion in Any Circumstance

October 1, 2008

Katie finally got a straight answer out of Sarah. After strangely and stubbornly refusing to name any newspaper she had read before being tapped as VP and learning to defer all questions of foreign policy to John McCain lest he start sitting in on her interviews again with Katie, Sarah talks abortion.

And boy did she talk. I guess abortion is not her “gotcha” question.

Katie knows that Sarah’s on record as saying no abortion even in cases of rape and incest. And she amazingly gets Sarah to clarify this point. Yes, in the case of a 14 year old girl raped by her father, Sarah would “counsel” life and adoption. It’s not “policy”, just her position. And by being something she personally believes in so strongly, it’s finally the one articulate statement that I’ve heard her make in the past month.

So, people, you heard it straight from Sarah’s mouth. She wouldn’t necessarily want the 14-year old thrown in jail for getting an abortion, and she’s not going to articulate a “policy” regarding reproductive rights in America. I’m certain that John McCain doesn’t let her do that kind of heavy lifting. But, no, in the most heinous of situations you still want the girl to carry the fetus to term. It’s a myopic, rigid, and nauseating stance. And because she WANTS to become vice-president, because the vice-president has a strong role in setting US policy, and because her loyal fan-base is the far-right, if elected you can be certain that the movement to eliminate the option of abortion in the United States is going to rage back into full gear.

The campaign fallout? John McCain knows that Sarah’s appeal is marginalized to the far, far right and ardent anti-abortionists and he’s more than happy to have them vote for him regardless of his own position on reproductive choice.  And he probably doesn’t care what Sarah thinks as long as she gets him votes. He’s showing himself too self-centered to consider his odds of not serving out a full term or eight years as president thus leaving the United States in Sarah’s hands.


Men and women need to make sure Obama-Biden win in 2008.

Sarah Palin Knows No Choice for Abortion is Good for Everyone — Especially Men

September 7, 2008

Eliminating choice makes life so much simpler. I hate when people start asking questions and don’t just tell you how it is. This is especially true when it comes to abortion. People talk too much about how it affects women and don’t tell you the story from a man’s perspective. Well, I have news for women and feminists: Without men, you can’t get pregnant!

I know a lot of men and I know just how they think. So I’ll make Sarah Palin’s vow to eliminate the option of abortion really simple for the male readers or people who should think like men.

1) You have sex.

2) Your honey gets pregnant.

3) WHAM! You’re a daddy!

The Lesson:

Sex = Child Support

If you want to tell me how wrong I am I’m not going to bother listening to you.  Read my answers to all your stupid questions.

Stupid Argument 1: What if I’m married to someone else?
Smart Answer 1: Don’t worry. You can support the new baby even if you’re not married to the mama. Don’t waste your money on an attorney: There’s no law against you paying for the baby.

Stupid Argument 2: What if I don’t want to support the new baby?
Smart Answer 2: Don’t worry. The courts can find you and convince you to change your mind. Or they can bypass liberal-garbage “mediation” and garnish your wages. And paternity tests are getting cheaper every day and everyone is eager to run them to figure out who needs to pay for that baby. You know it’s not government’s responsibility to pay for your baby.

Stupid Argument 3: What if I’m married, responsible, working, I’m using contraception, and there’s an honest failure while I’m having sex with my wife. No contraception is 100% effective. And I really can’t afford another child.
Smart Answer 3: Don’t worry. You’re a slow learner, but you can catch up.

The Lesson:

Wanting sex = Wanting children

I hope that I am being clear enough with you. But for the real lesson about abortion and what you should be doing about it, watch the new video on the internet about Sarah Palin’s church.