Sarah Palin’s Church is a Cult, Or So They Say

Some people only see the negative side of things. I sat through this entire video being, well, SPELLBOUND, MESMERIZED, and driven by a desire to get everyone I know to watch it!
I’m glad that someone found it and posted it on YouTube. I tried to find videos on the church’s website but they all got pulled soon after John McCain announced Sarah’s nomination for Vice-President. The video really shows how strongly connected Sarah Palin is to the Wasilla Church of God even after she became Governor of Alaska.

But if you can’t watch a video the quick answer to the question of “Is Sarah Palin’s Church a Cult?” is “maybe”. It depends on how you define a cult. A majority of her churches (she’s affiliated with some about five of them) are:

  • Declared heretical by the Assemblies of God in 1949 and then recondemned in 2000.
  • Part of the “spiritual warfare” movement of the Third Wave which is associated with training youth to be part of “Joel’s Army” charged with the task to take over control of the United States and the world.
  • Objected to largely by Evangelicals and Fundamentalists who believe the Third Wave movement to be unbiblical.
  • The Wasilla Assembly of God has had multiple times as guest speaker Pastor Thomas Muthee. His talks include calls to use violence to chase away witchcraft and demons, donate to Sarah Palin’s gubernatorial campaign fund, and how Christians need to be more like Jews and control financial and political centers of the world. You can watch the video of him praying over Sarah Palin here.

But a quick aside: I think it’s shameful how Verizon didn’t recall cell phone batteries from Alaska. All those people up there are getting burned by them. If I didn’t know about the cell phone battery recall, I’d be crazy enough to think those people were making up stories! (Watch the video and you’ll see what I’m writing about.)

[Note: YouTube stopped broadcasting the video on September 11th. So I found it here instead on Vimeo.]

And now a new video from an MSNBC broadcast Sept 19, 2008.

Remember: It’s after school programs like this that keep our children off the streets and getting into trouble like Sarah Palin’s children have been getting into.


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