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Max Blumenthal’s Coverage of Pastor Thomas Muthee at Wasilla Assembly of God, September 2008.

October 10, 2008

Video from hidden cameras and tape recorders and video from Wasilla, Alaska. It includes interviews with Rev. Howard Bess, author of “Pastor, I am Gay”, a book that Palin and others successfully fought to get banned from the Mat-Su Valley bookstores and that she sought to get banned from the public library. And an interview with Peggy Brown, executive director the Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault who talks about the huge number of cases of rape and incest that occur in the region. And an attempted interview with McCain-Palin campaign representatives in Wasilla. There is also coverage of an anti-abortion really in Wasilla (I guess these are pretty common occurances). The speaker makes the argument that using birth control pills amounts to murder.

And Max’s web site.

Is this why there are no snakes in Alaska?


Sarah Palin is “Palling Around with Terrorists”

October 6, 2008

I’m ecstatic to see Sarah Palin out on parole for good behavior after her debate with Joe Biden. I’m hoping to hear more from her: She’s been hiding from us for too long.

And what better way to celebrate coming out than making a speech in San Francisco (okay south of it in Burlingame, but close enough). Sarah cited a New York Times article to support her claim that Barack Obama “palled around with terrorists”. I was amazed on a couple of levels:

First, Sarah Palin reads the New York Times? Cool! I read it, too. But wait, if you read the article you don’t get the impression that Barack Obama actually “pals around” with Bill Ayers. Rather Obama is quoted again as calling Bill Ayers, now a college professor, “somebody who engaged in detestable acts 40 years ago, when I was 8.” And they both live in Chicago and are involved in politics so their paths have crossed several times. So, no, we still have no idea what newspapers Sarah Palin reads. Or if she read anything that doesn’t fit on an index card.

Second, Sarah Palin is saying loud and clear that we should look closely at the people with whom politicians running for elected office “pal around with”. Well, that seems prudent. So let’s look at the terrorists that Sarah Palin pals around with.

  • Pastor Thomas Muthee. A Kenyan pastor whose claim to fame is denouncing people as witches in the name of Christianity. He’s also an anti-Semite who encourages devout Christians to take a page out of “Israelites” playbook and dominate education, politics, and business. And be believes in using violence to help achieve goals faster. Sarah more than “pals around” with Thomas Muthee: She names him as the person responsible for praying her into the office of governor of Alaska.
  • The Wasilla Assembly of God and pastor Ed Kalins. Sarah, along with her entire family, was re-baptized into the church when she was twelve. She has regularly attended the church from 1974  until 2002 when she was running for lieutenant governor of Alaska. The church and its pastor are  part of The Third Wave of the Holy Spirit or the New Apostolic Reformation. In addition to preparing for and helping along the end of the world, the movement is training a young “Joel’s Army” to take dominion over the United States and the world. Basically, they’re tent revivalists with the goal of achieving world domination and ridding the universe of demons through violence. And Alaska is the place where anyone left standing after the holy war flees to when the end of the world happens — not for those rebate checks — but for salvation.
  • The Juneau Christian Church and Pastor Mike Rose. Another of Sarah Palin’s churches and a member of the Third Wave. In particular, this church has integrated “Holy Laughter” into its services. Think of a crowd of people convulsing in an uncontrolled manner. Then think of a pastor kicking in the head of someone who gets too out of control. Ouch.
  • Church on the Rock, Wasilla and Senior Pastor David Pepper. Another church that is part of the Third Wave and Joel’s Army. Sorry, I know this is getting repetitive. But Sarah is very deliberate and specific in her religious associations.
  • Wasilla Bible Church and Pastor Larry Kroon. I’m throwing them in mostly for being supporters of David Bricker, the international leader of “Jews for Jesus”. Pastor Kroon is mentioned in their promotional materials and Pastor Kroon has had David Bricker over to preach. Jews for Jesus are terrorists? Well, if you’re Jewish you tend to think this way particularly when their goal is to convert  Jews to accept Jesus as their Savior. All I’m saying is if you go to a seder, DON’T bring these people up in conversation. Oh, and the Wasilla Bible Church also supports the ex-gay movement to make gay people go straight. So if you’re gay you tend to think these people are terrorists, too. All I’m saying is if you’re planning on having any gay friends, DON’T suggest that you drop-in on one of their meetings before you catch a Barbra Streisand concert.
  • Todd Palin and the Alaska Independence Party. Todd’s more than her pal — he’s Sarah’s husband! And he was registered with the Alaska Independence Party from 1995 until 2002, the year that Sarah Palin ran for lieutenant governor in Alaska. (Boy, big changes for Sarah in 2002 when she started grabbing for more power and visibility.) I’m not sure if wanting to break up the United States of America makes you a terrorist. It’s at least un-American and un-patriotic. And we did go to war over secession in the mid-19th century. But maybe they just want Alaska (and ideally Hawaii) to break off to give the people in the lower 48 states a simpler country map to draw? It’ll mean having two fewer neighboring countries: Russia and Afghanistan.

But wait: Isn’t this unfair to call into question someone’s credentials to run for public office based on a person’s associations with others? Isn’t this smearing someone and employing Swift Boat Tactics? Nah, Sarah Palin says it’s fair game. And after all this silence on Sarah’s part I am looking forward to hearing her discuss her past and present associations with her terrorist pals!

Update: October 6: And now Sarah Palin’s playing the Rev. Wright card. But I wonder if John McCain is all that eager to hear about it, too. After all, McCain stopped Rev. Wright ads in April 2008.

Update October 7: Sarah’s hitting a few more television outlets, heavy on Fox News, with her stump speech. And she’s integrated Tina Fey to her chatter. But no print media. Sarah: Whatever you do, DON’T play a flute duet with Tina Fey on SNL. And try to find something new to talk about: that stump speech is on YouTube and everyone’s already seen it.

Update October 8: OMG. She speaks! And she’s still talking about getting on TV with Tina Fey. And now she has nothing to hide from Troopergate. And she’s still sore at McCain about Michigan.

Sarah Palin Gets Blessed by the Witch Hunter on Video

September 25, 2008

Well, once a video is posted online it’s pretty hard to get rid of it. Here’s to diligent research!

Sarah shows up at 7:00 into the video. Pastor Muthee’s call to Christians to take over the world economy and political systems, er, like the Israelites appears 1:20 into it. That wouldn’t be an anti-Semitic statement, would it? And lots of talk about ridding places of witchcraft. Specifically, Muthee has raised mobs of people who have attacked women and some men after Muthee has labeled them witches. I realize he’s Kenyan and isn’t that familiar with American terms that might be more appropriate. In Sarah’s Wasilla and Juneau churches, they would be more likely to call it casting out demons and taking over the world as part of a spiritual warfare movement of the Third Wave.

And Pastor Muthee specifically calls for people to donate to Sarah Palin’s gubernatorial campaign. That violates federal law for non-profit organizations. Someone really should tell him about it. He gets invited to the Wasilla Assembly of God so often that you figure someone might have mentioned this to him by now.

Sarah Palin Does NOT Worship with a Witch Doctor

September 20, 2008

Okay, lots of chatter about Sarah Palin, the Wasilla Assembly of God Church, and Pastor Thomas Muthee. So let’s separate idle chatter from facts!

  • Pastor Thomas Muthee got his start in Kenya. He got his start NOT by worshiping witches and demons but by DRIVING THEM AND THEIR WITCHCRAFT AWAY. Specifically, he said a woman in Kiambu, Kenya was a witch, riled up a mob, the police broke into her house and fired guns and took her to jail, and after they released her she ran for her life. That was his start of his campaign against women (and some men) that he calls witches. So don’t call him a witch doctor — call him a witch hunter! Remember: Sarah is to MOOSE as Muthee is to WITCHES. They hunt them. Except I think Muthee gets mobs to kill the people he calls witches, so his own hands aren’t dirtied.
  • Pastor Muthee is not afraid of the cold. He’s been invited over 10 times in the past couple of years to speak before the Wasilla Assembly of God Church. And Pastor Kalmins of the Wasilla Assembly of God Church is a visitor of his in Kenya. Muthee came back to Wasilla on September 20th and 21st and reporter Max Blumenthal managed to get a camera and recording equipment inside. Cool: New video of Pastor Muthee is coming soon to the Internet!
  • Sept 24th update: The video of Muthee praying over Sarah is now on YouTube.
  • Pastor Muthee prayed over Sarah Palin when she was running for governor of Alaska. Later on, at a graduation event at the Wasilla Assembly of God Church, she told people in the audience that his prayers over her made governor. And that made Pastor Muthee “awesome” and the church “powerful”. I also just read a story about how the term “bold” that Sarah Palin uses to describe Pastor Muthee is one of the primary character traits praised by Sarah Palin’s guiding religious principles. So I guess that while some people keep good luck charms, Sarah has Pastor Muthee cast his lucky charms right over her!

And I just found this other video (mostly audio) on Pastor Muthee. He believes the more violence the better! Watch out you demon-possessed people! Your lives are not safe! No, I’m not joking. I really wish I were. In Kenya, people labeled as witches are still burned alive by people calling themselves Christians.

And an introduction to the lovely Shannyn Moore of Alaska.

Sarah Palin’s Church is a Cult, Or So They Say

September 9, 2008

Some people only see the negative side of things. I sat through this entire video being, well, SPELLBOUND, MESMERIZED, and driven by a desire to get everyone I know to watch it! I’m glad that someone found it and posted it on YouTube. [Big oops! YouTube stopped broadcasting the video on September 11th. But I found it again on Vimeo.] I tried to find videos on the church’s website but it looked like they all got pulled soon after John McCain announced Sarah’s nomination for Vice-President. The video really shows how strongly connected Sarah Palin is to the Wasilla Assembly of God even after she became Governor of Alaska.

But if you can’t watch a video the quick answer to the question of “Is Sarah Palin’s Church a Cult?” is “maybe”. It depends on how you defined “cult”. The majority of her churches (she’s affiliated with about five of them) are:

  • Declared heretical by the Assemblies of God in 1949 and then recondemned in 2000.
  • Part of the “spiritual warfare” movement of the Third Wave which is associated with training youth to be part of “Joel’s Army” charged with the task to take over control of the United States and the world.
  • Objected to largely by Evangelicals and Fundamentalists who believe the Third Wave movement to be unbiblical.
  • The Wasilla Assembly of God has had multiple times as guest speaker Pastor Thomas Muthee. His talks include calls to use violence to chase away witchcraft and demons, donate to Sarah Palin’s gubernatorial campaign fund, and how Christians need to be more like Jews and control financial and political centers of the world. You can watch the video of him praying over Sarah Palin here.

But a quick aside: I think it’s shameful how Verizon didn’t recall cell phone batteries from Alaska. All those people up there are getting burned by them. If I didn’t know about the cell phone battery recall, I’d be crazy enough to think those people were making up stories! (Watch the video to understand what I’m talking about.)

Remember: It’s after school programs like this that keep our children off the streets and getting into trouble like Sarah Palin’s children have been getting into.