Sarah Palin Knows No Choice for Abortion is Good for Everyone — Especially Men

Eliminating choice makes life so much simpler. I hate when people start asking questions and don’t just tell you how it is. This is especially true when it comes to abortion. People talk too much about how it affects women and don’t tell you the story from a man’s perspective. Well, I have news for women and feminists: Without men, you can’t get pregnant!

I know a lot of men and I know just how they think. So I’ll make Sarah Palin’s vow to eliminate the option of abortion really simple for the male readers or people who should think like men.

1) You have sex.

2) Your honey gets pregnant.

3) WHAM! You’re a daddy!

The Lesson:

Sex = Child Support

If you want to tell me how wrong I am I’m not going to bother listening to you.  Read my answers to all your stupid questions.

Stupid Argument 1: What if I’m married to someone else?
Smart Answer 1: Don’t worry. You can support the new baby even if you’re not married to the mama. Don’t waste your money on an attorney: There’s no law against you paying for the baby.

Stupid Argument 2: What if I don’t want to support the new baby?
Smart Answer 2: Don’t worry. The courts can find you and convince you to change your mind. Or they can bypass liberal-garbage “mediation” and garnish your wages. And paternity tests are getting cheaper every day and everyone is eager to run them to figure out who needs to pay for that baby. You know it’s not government’s responsibility to pay for your baby.

Stupid Argument 3: What if I’m married, responsible, working, I’m using contraception, and there’s an honest failure while I’m having sex with my wife. No contraception is 100% effective. And I really can’t afford another child.
Smart Answer 3: Don’t worry. You’re a slow learner, but you can catch up.

The Lesson:

Wanting sex = Wanting children

I hope that I am being clear enough with you. But for the real lesson about abortion and what you should be doing about it, watch the new video on the internet about Sarah Palin’s church.


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