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I Found the “Hidden” Obama Interview on Coal!

November 3, 2008

Cool! Just like Sarah I read both the New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle. Except unlike Sarah I read the articles (and listen to the transcripts) in their entirety.

Sarah’s latest beef is that the SF Chronicle has a “hidden” tape of Obama rejecting any and all coal energy from back in January 2008. I thought something smelled suphurous with that statement: Doesn’t Sarah’s staff know how to Google to find articles? So I went ahead, looked at the SF Chronicle (you know, before hitting Google) and found the Chronicle’s editorial board interview. It has been posted in its entirety on the SF Chronicle site since….er, January 2008. And Obama supports clean coal energy.

Sigh. But I guess Sarah’s getting a lot of play on this in Ohio (land of the solar power plant where Sarah tried to get people to chant “Drill, Baby, Drill”). Ah, Sarah, learn who your audience is and tailor your speeches — like your suits! — to their specific interests. So if the Humane Society ever invites you to a dinner, don’t start waxing poetic about shooting wolves from helicopters for dollars. That might land you in the dog house.

Read the SF Chronicle’s statement about it’s Obama interview and listen to the audio that has been posted since January 17, 2008. Oh, and McCain’s the one who has spoken for years about rejecting all coal-based energy.

Read the WSJ Blog about Sarah in Ohio.


Run, Sarah, Run…Er, Right Over John McCain?

November 1, 2008

CNN reports on an interesting rally in Florida where “Country First” and “Palin Country” are prominently featured on signs. But, literally, really, absolutely, no mention of “John McCain”. Zippo, nada. That’s officially weird.

Read about in on CNN.

Sarah Wants to Make Criticism of Her a Constitutional Wrong

November 1, 2008

My head hurts. Sarah Palin says that the free press questioning her intentions and statements violates her first amendment rights as an American. The problem is that the First Amendment states that the government (and this includes people in government seeking higher positions within it) needs to allow free, peaceful exchange of thoughts, associations, and grievances. And the government needs to stay clear of religion.

Maybe Palin’s confusing us with a religious state? Or maybe she read the first amendment upside down.

Read about it in the Huffington Post.

Read about the First Amendment here at Salon and here at Find Law.

Sarah Denies Accepting $150,000 in Clothes

October 24, 2008

Sarah clearly has a medical condition that requires that she talk when she shouldn’t and contradict John McCain. Many children are sent to the corner for a time-out when this happens. I’m not sure what John McCain does when this happens: Does he count to 150,000?

Although the Republican National Committee has released financial statements clearly listing $150,000 worth of “personal accessories” for Sarah Palin and the Republicans have never denied the purchases, in Florida yesterday Sarah denied receiving $150,000 in clothes, hairstyling, and accessories. She offered up several statements that she perhaps considered to be excuses:

  • The clothes aren’t worth that much. (So is she claiming that people are submitting false receipts for reimbursement? Republican consultant Jeff Larson carried $132,457 alone on his credit card for Sarah’s purchases. Should he refund money to the Republican National Committee? Is he a Republican cross-dresser using her as a front?)
  • Most of the clothes have never left the campaign plane. (So there’s more that we haven’t seen?)
  • She’s frugal. (But isn’t this why they had to buy the clothes to begin with: She didn’t have outfits that the Republicans thought were appropriate for campaigning? To quote John McCain: “She needed clothes.” I fear that Sarah has a pattern of letting someone else pick up the bill for her. )
  • She’s being treated like Hillary and it’s a double-standard. (Not sure what her point is. Just read it. I can’t understand what’s she’s saying. Hillary buys her own clothes. Joe Biden buys his own clothes. John McCain buys his own clothes. Barack Obama buys his own clothes.)

I don’t know if Sarah is getting rogue again. But John McCain’s stance is that Sarah needed clothes and they’ll be donated after the election to charity. Sarah’s saying anything but what John is saying.

And a citizen watchdog group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics, has filed a complaint against Sarah with the Federal Election Commission for misuse of political contributions.

Read about it here.

Update: Sarah’s Makeup Artist Made $22,800 in two months in October.

Sarah Palin Still Doesn’t Understand What the Vice-President Does

October 22, 2008

Remember when Sarah couldn’t describe what the Vice-President did back in July before she was nominated? Well, it’s October and she still doesn’t understand what the Vice-President does.


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