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Troopergate Rears Up Again

September 30, 2008

This time it’s follow-up to the allegation that Sarah and Todd Palin directly pressured Harbor Adjusting Services to deny Mike Wooten’s worker’s compensation claim. Harbor Adjusting is under contract with the state of Alaska to handle workers compensation claims. The owner, Murlene Wilkes, is reportedly changing her sworn testimony and the Palins are NOT looking good. It’s change it, or face perjury charges and I guess Murlene is not going to jail for Sarah.

It’s definitely playing in the big leagues to threaten to pull a $1.2 million annual contract with the state of Alaska unless you mess with an ex-brother-in-law. Much more damning than getting an easement waiver on property you own while you’re mayor of a small town. Now THAT’S executive experience!

This news is hitting while republicans in Alaska are suing to stop the legislative investigation of Troopergate. It is the legislative investigation of Troopergate that encompasses the workers compensation interference allegation. It will be interesting to know the outcome of this decision on Thursday — the day of the vp debates!

Read it on The Mudflats.

Read the original article in The Public Record.

Update: A little more background. Only one source is carrying the claim of Murlene Wilkes changing her original August testimony that at no time was she pressured by Governor Palin to deny Wooten’s workers compensation claim. However, it has been widely reported that special investigator Steve Branchflower had recalled her for questioning in mid-September because of a tip he had received that Wilkes was lying under oath. The tip came from an employee at Wilkes’s firm. Wilkes indeed returned for questioning a couple of weeks ago but accompanied by her attorney. So it’s going to be an extremely interesting week. Branchflower is being inundated by “citizen” lawsuits to stop Troopergate which smells a lot like Bush/McCain tactics to stop the investigation.

I still remember when Palin was first picked as McCain’s running mate and hearing about Troopergate. At the time people were saying it was a small ethics probe and at most would be a small blemish on the otherwise extremely popular governor’s image. What a difference a month makes.

Another Update: Hmm. Two days since the original story broke and no other media source has picked up on the story. Unless the investigation is stopped on Thursday (tomorrow) the final Branchflower report is due October 10. It will make interesting reading.

Update October 2: The legislative investigation of Troopergate is still on. Expect the final report October 10, 2008. This is be more exciting than the VP debate. Although, after watching the debate, I just learned that I love Joe Biden.


Bristol Wedding Update

September 30, 2008

The blurt last week by the London Times about the McCain camp’s growing expectation that a pre-election wedding would be a tremendous election-changing, extravaganza is still lingering. Chicago Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed reports today that specifics are not to be found. Her call last week regarding the wedding was met by this unattributed response:

“The wedding is being planned after the election. Bristol (who is about six months pregnant) is planning her wedding along with her family in Alaska and is constantly in touch with her mom and her dad.”

Sneed further writes that a McCain source on Monday reported:

“Sarah Palin would never use her daughter in this way. No matter when the marriage occurs, it would be a matter of family urgency — not political urgency. I’ve heard nothing which would paint a picture otherwise.”

Michael Sneed’s verdict: Wait and see.

The National Enquirer reports sources that Levi Johnston does not want to get married.

Read the Chicago Sun Times article.

Yes, Sarah Really Wants Obama-Biden to Win the Election

September 30, 2008

Oh, my God. My head is spinning. More Katie Couric interview. I guess Sarah’s comment about Biden’s many years in the Senate was only to indicate that you’re supposed to decide between her, the new person with fresh energy, and the person with “tremendous amount of experience” in the Senate. Except, isn’t Obama the person with fresh energy and McCain the person with tremendous amounts of experience in the Senate?

So her talking about Biden in the Senate is not a joke about age, it’s a just a fact. I guess poor Sarah didn’t realize how many people (like Cindy McCain and her own daughter Willow Palin) were laughing when she said that line. Shame on them for laughing at someone for having years of experience in the Senate!

But isn’t it funny how she was in the second grade in 1972 and John McCain’s 72 years old.

The video is on CBS News now.

Peggy Hill’s “Gotcha”, too, Crafty Philly Cheesesteak Dude and John McCain Warms Up His Singing Voice

September 30, 2008

I don’t know how Sarah Palin could have so easily walked into the infamous, Fast-Talking, Philly Cheesesteak Shop Scam. A total tourist move. Peggy Hill’s usually on the other side of that “gotcha!” moment.

Season 3: Peggy’s Headache

PEGGY: You know, Hank, I really —
HANK: I know. And, Peggy —
PEGGY: I gotcha.
HANK: All right, then.

Okay, now we know what Sarah’s going to say on the debate Thursday about Pakistan. I’ll  be curious to see how exact the statements are.

And I notice that Sarah’s back wearing power red, the mullet hair is gone, and she’s in <gulp> PANTS! Major focus-group shift on that one.

And then McCain evokes Britney Spears when talking about HW Bush’s overconfidence. Oops. Well at least he didn’t get all Beach Boys on us and start singing about bombing Iran. Because that would, like, be naively announcing you were going to attack someone. Right?

It’s All but Official: Sarah Palin is Trying to Make McCain Lose the Election

September 30, 2008

Or at least that’s the only rational reason that I can come up with for her scripted comment — not even a Sarah gaffe — in Ohio about how old Joe Biden is when John McCain’s standing next to her. Joe Biden’s six years younger than John McCain. So if Palin was in the 2nd grade and hearing about Biden’s Senate speeches, then she hadn’t even entered kindergarten when John McCain was captured in Vietnam. John McCain’s constant recounting of his five and a half years as a POW must be like a history lesson for Sarah. It probably helps her to better visualize the earth at the time when the dinosaurs walked with man.

With speech writers like this, no wonder John McCain’s throwing yet another “Hail Mary” pass and cloistering Sarah at the Sedona ranch with his top advisors to entirely redo her preparation for Thursday’s debate. Cindy McCain and Willow Palin are just laughing away at the joke, too. Too bad John’s reaction isn’t on tape.

Update: And to compound matters, Sarah talks to Katie Couric about the remark. It is interesting to watch her deliver an outright lie.