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Sarah Louise Heath Palin was a Poor College Student

September 7, 2008

She didn’t have a lot of money. She also wasn’t dedicated to learning. But Sarah has a lot of assets and she knows how to use them. I like that in a woman. If you’re like me and can’t really see much further than the front of my nose, I’ll tell you what the shirt says:

“I may be broke but I’m not flat busted.”

Sarah flew off to Hawaii after high school telling her family she was headed to the University of Hawaii-Hilo. Now stop here: Just because no one can show she ever enrolled there can’t prove that she was lying to her parents about where she was headed after high school.  Sarah Palin’s church instilled within her the values of that institution! Maybe she just showed up and forgot to apply before hand — it happens to a lot of people. Sarah says she wasn’t happy after three weeks in Hilo and left for Honolulu where she enrolled in Hawaii Pacific College. I’m glad she went to college. But I’m not sure that her two oldest kids are headed to college.

I laughed when I read the initial liberal-press reports that Sarah’s first college of the six she attended was Hawaii Pacific College. I knew that the liberal press screwed up (again). Hawaii Pacific College is a university now but back then in 1982 they were the college with ads on TV that took anyone who showed up with a check and a diploma.  It makes absolutely no sense for anyone interested in education to let their 18-year old daughter from Alaska enroll there. Quitting the University of Hawaii-Hilo after three weeks shows that Sarah’s family wasn’t foolish enough to let her go to Hawaii to enroll at HPC. HPC was just the only college in the entire state of Hawaii that was kind enough to let Sarah walk up and enroll without checking anything about her grades or demanding any letters of recommendation. Sarah’s family paid; Sarah got in. Sarah was probably watching TV and saw their ads. I read how she liked to visit the set of Magnum P.I. when she was in school, so she probably watched a lot of TV ads.

Thank goodness Sarah got out of Hawaii after only a few months. She’s clearly not like Barack Obama who was born there and whose mother made him go to school there for years so he could be raised by his family. Remember this whenever John McCain laughingly reminds us that Barack Obama keeps finding reasons to go back to Hawaii to visit his family: Sarah didn’t bum around there for years like Obama did; she left as soon as she could!

And she moved onto bigger and better things. Who needs a tiki god to cast out demons when you have your own witch hunting pastor! Take that, Peter Brady!