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Liberal Attacks on Our Girl Sarah Palin!

September 7, 2008

I am a middle-aged woman with a middle-name from the bloody-red middle of America who needs to express herself.

There is so much information about Sarah Louise Heath Palin out there that I disagree with. And then here is talk about her inability to adequately manage her own family and even pushing them to the back-burner while she takes on a bigger job she’s not qualified for, (unsuccessfully) forcing her daughter to marry because she got pregnant, backroom politics,  scandals and cover-ups, trolling for government money and handouts at every turn, being associated with or sympathetic to (make up your minds!) a radical separatist movement in Alaska, turning on political rivals and even former supporters and mentors to promote her own career, lying as needed and even when it’s not needed, having an affair with her husband’s business partner, and how men just look at her tits and don’t think about what she says.

And then all that rubbish about her church. People criticize them because they want to “pray away the gay”! Well, it’s a free country where we can be who we are and I guess she’s from serious folk. At least she’s not uppity.
[9 Sept 2008: I am so sorry. I have stand corrected about my interpretation of Sarah Palin’s church. Apparently, they speak in tongues — which I don’t — so we were miscommunicating.]

“Liberal attacks”. “Disgraceful coverage”. “Palin pushes ahead of McCain in popularity”. “Liberals should apologize to Palin”. “Palin the victim of sexism”. I’m getting nauseated from reading these stories. And more come out every day. So I feel the duty to respond to all of these stories. Each one of them. One by one.