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Will John and Sarah Break Up Over Ted?

October 28, 2008

Sen. Ted Stevens, the longest serving Republican in the US Senate, has been indicted on corruption charges. The 84-year old senator plans to appeal the conviction and continue on with his reelection campaign. His response to the decision is, “It’s not over yet.”

Sarah has been circumspect in commenting on the indictment. Yesterday the McCain-Palin campaign released a written, coherent statement on Sarah’s position. In other words, Sarah was not allowed to speak to the press. The statement indicated that Sarah felt Sen. Stevens would do “what is right for the people of Alaska”. Today John McCain called for Sen. Stevens to step down. A Palin campaign-spokesperson also indicated that Sarah might not vote for Stevens.

In the annals of increasing “Sarah is Rogue” incidents, the Stevens indictment could break not only the fragile McCain-Palin detente, but it could also allow the Democrats to reach the magic number 60 in the Senate. For now Stevens remains a popular figure in Alaska and if Sarah is looking out for her future she will want to maintain her extensive ties to her political mentor should he be reelected.

But this is today. And there are seven days until the election.

Read about it in the  Anchorage Daily News.


Sarah’s Taking It Off!

October 27, 2008

Sarah’s eschewing the $150,000 in Republican National Committee clothing (although the $22,800 for makeup and styling services for two weeks in October isn’t returnable) and is wearing…jeans.

Read about it in the Anchorage Daily News.

McCain’s campaign people are dying many deaths over Sarah’s insistence on talking about “the clothes thing“. One person went as far as to say Sarah is “going rogue”.

Sarah taking it off should not be confused with Lisa Ann taking it off.

Hightest Paid Staffer for McCain-Palin Campaign? Sarah’s Makeup Artist

October 24, 2008

Wow. I thought that John’s makeup artist would get paid more. Amy Strozzi of “So You Think You Can Dance” fame received $22,800 for the first two weeks of October to work on Sarah Palin.

Read about it in the Huffington Post.

Sarah Denies Accepting $150,000 in Clothes

October 24, 2008

Sarah clearly has a medical condition that requires that she talk when she shouldn’t and contradict John McCain. Many children are sent to the corner for a time-out when this happens. I’m not sure what John McCain does when this happens: Does he count to 150,000?

Although the Republican National Committee has released financial statements clearly listing $150,000 worth of “personal accessories” for Sarah Palin and the Republicans have never denied the purchases, in Florida yesterday Sarah denied receiving $150,000 in clothes, hairstyling, and accessories. She offered up several statements that she perhaps considered to be excuses:

  • The clothes aren’t worth that much. (So is she claiming that people are submitting false receipts for reimbursement? Republican consultant Jeff Larson carried $132,457 alone on his credit card for Sarah’s purchases. Should he refund money to the Republican National Committee? Is he a Republican cross-dresser using her as a front?)
  • Most of the clothes have never left the campaign plane. (So there’s more that we haven’t seen?)
  • She’s frugal. (But isn’t this why they had to buy the clothes to begin with: She didn’t have outfits that the Republicans thought were appropriate for campaigning? To quote John McCain: “She needed clothes.” I fear that Sarah has a pattern of letting someone else pick up the bill for her. )
  • She’s being treated like Hillary and it’s a double-standard. (Not sure what her point is. Just read it. I can’t understand what’s she’s saying. Hillary buys her own clothes. Joe Biden buys his own clothes. John McCain buys his own clothes. Barack Obama buys his own clothes.)

I don’t know if Sarah is getting rogue again. But John McCain’s stance is that Sarah needed clothes and they’ll be donated after the election to charity. Sarah’s saying anything but what John is saying.

And a citizen watchdog group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics, has filed a complaint against Sarah with the Federal Election Commission for misuse of political contributions.

Read about it here.

Update: Sarah’s Makeup Artist Made $22,800 in two months in October.

McCain Juggles Priorities and Makes Decisions

October 23, 2008

The problem:

Sarah needs new clothes. Swing states need more television ads. You can’t have everything and that’s why you need someone willing to make tough calls. The winner? “Baby needs new clothes!” (SNAKE EYES!)

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