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Does Sarah Palin Know Nothing about the Supreme Court?

September 30, 2008

There’s buzz on the Internet about Sarah Palin video showing her unable to name or discuss any Supreme Court decision other than Roe v. Wade. It might be aired on CBS as part of a special they did with both Biden and Palin on the Vice Presidential Questions series.

A Palin aide mentioned this as of yet unseen video in the context of his or her anger over CBS purportedly leaking the gaffe. Although if the issue was that Palin was absolutely silent after mentioning Roe v. Wade and simply could not discuss anything further when questioned about Supreme Court decisions then I’m not certain it could be called a gaffe. More like dead air. And a huge void in knowledge. It appears to me a little more damning than Palin’s inability to recall more than one instance in John McCain’s 20+ years in the Senate where he pushed for increased regulation. The Supreme Court’s been at it for 218 years.

The big question is whether or not CBS will edit out the dead air, or will they keep it in to show that Palin’s knowledge of the Supreme Court begins and ends at Roe v. Wade?

The citation on the Politico. The source is only called a Palin aide.

The initial Huffingtonpost story.

Read the followup Huffington Post story. This has a little more explanation.

Update: It’s here.