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More Details about Sarah Palin’s Terrorist Pals in the AIP

October 10, 2008

A great interview about playing the association game on the Rachel Maddow show with guest Max Blumenthal. And the article Blumental wrote with Dave Neiwert on about the Alaskan Independence party and their pal Sarah Palin.

And the YouTube post.

I was waiting for Max’s follow-up article about Pastor Muthee’s visit to the Wasilla Assembly of God. But I guess this story trumps that one. [Correction: It’s here.]

Say it ain’t so, Sarah! Why raise Ayers’ name in a dubious link to Obama when you have palled around with so many truly nutty, talkative, fringe people up there in Alaska throughout your adult life? I can’t tell if Sarah has a self-defeating personality complex or if she’s just not  very smart and doesn’t realize how playing the association game makes her look truly bad. John McCain’s looking pretty bad, too, by pointing a finger at organizations that Obama has worked with when that group was funded by major philanthropist Walter H. Annenberg whose wife is one of McCain’s supporters for the 2008 presidential compaign.

Sarah didn’t learn her lessons in Sunday school very well: particularly the one about the Golden Rule. And she has this strange compulsion to live in a glass house and fling stones wildly in all directions. She needs help: She is under the sway of powerful witchcraft.


Widow of Terrorist Financier Attempts to Influence Presidential Election

October 10, 2008

In a video released Thursday, the McCain-Palin campaign exposed how in 1993 Barack Obama and William Ayers collaborated in a Chicago-based, radical, educational organization. Research has revealed that the  organization, the Chicago School Reform Collaborative Working Group, fully unleashed its tactics when the Annenberg Foundation funded it in 1994 to the tune of $49.2 million.

Further investigation shows that while the Annenberg Foundation’s founder, William H. Annenberg, is no longer alive that his widow, Leonore, continues to carry out his organization’s objectives. As recently as  2007 Leonore Annenberg held high-level meetings with a representative of a country with documented acts of war and aggression against the United States: Queen Elizabeth II. The meeting was held in private under tight security and hosted by George W. Bush. And earlier this year in an act calculated to change the course of American history, Leonore Annenberg endorsed the McCain-Palin presidential campaign.

We must draw a line in the sand and demand that John McCain disavow the Annenberg Foundation and Leonore Annenberg. Their continued activities are far-reaching throughout the United States and include grantseeking workshops, executive leadership seminars, high school mentoring, and developing the federal workforce.

The Annenberg Foundation can be contacted here.

The McCain-Palin campaign can be contacted here.

And just how has the McCain video impacted American public opinion? It has lowered Obama’s favorable rating perhaps by 2 points. It has, however, increased McCain’s unfavorable rating by a net 2 points.  And overall, this has not stopped Obama’s increased support in battleground states. And in a survey of Wikipedia hits, interest in Ayers has not approached the interest levels of the Keating 5.  This perspective from the people at Five Thirty Eight.

Palling Around With Terrorists: The Pals of Walter H. Annenberg Revealed

October 10, 2008

John McCain argues in in a campaign video released today that Barack Obama and William Ayers collaborated in radical activity. It indicates but does not name the Chicago School Reform Collaborative Working Group of 1993 as the organization in which they worked closely.

The group’s effort, renamed the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, was awarded $49.2 million in 1994 by the Annenberg Foundation. The original 73-member group (the “Gang of 73”) included many current supporters of and donors to John McCain’s campaign.

I am awaiting reports on how the McCain-Palin campaign will return all donations from these terrorist sympathizers and disavow any of their past and current activities. Perhaps he could donate their money to a worthy cause, like education. And I am certain that McCain will act quickly and unblinkingly to distance himself from all known associates of the Gang of 73.

This includes taking the patriotic position that John McCain
will never be seen in a room with himself.

Read about it here:

The Annenberg Foundation – Terrorist Financiers from the Daily Kos.

And a direct link to the Annenberg Foundation’s website. The foundation’s founder, Walter H. Annenberg, was educated at the radical Philadelphia cell called the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. In a diabolical move the organization he led, Triangle Publications, developed and released in 1944 a radical youth propaganda organ: Seventeen Magazine. And in a move to solidify his control of the minds of millions, in 1953 Triangle Publications published TV Guide.

Annenberg has also served as a liaison to a government which has committed documented acts of aggression against our country — Great Britain. From 1969 to 1974 he served as the Ambassador to the Court of St. James’s, Great Britain. Although he is no longer alive, Walter Annenberg’s life’s work is being carried on by his widow, Leonore. In 2008, Leonore endorsed John McCain for the president of the United States. With these associates, John McCain is obviously a person who cannot be trusted to run for the office of the president.

Sarah Palin is “Palling Around with Terrorists”

October 6, 2008

I’m ecstatic to see Sarah Palin out on parole for good behavior after her debate with Joe Biden. I’m hoping to hear more from her: She’s been hiding from us for too long.

And what better way to celebrate coming out than making a speech in San Francisco (okay south of it in Burlingame, but close enough). Sarah cited a New York Times article to support her claim that Barack Obama “palled around with terrorists”. I was amazed on a couple of levels:

First, Sarah Palin reads the New York Times? Cool! I read it, too. But wait, if you read the article you don’t get the impression that Barack Obama actually “pals around” with Bill Ayers. Rather Obama is quoted again as calling Bill Ayers, now a college professor, “somebody who engaged in detestable acts 40 years ago, when I was 8.” And they both live in Chicago and are involved in politics so their paths have crossed several times. So, no, we still have no idea what newspapers Sarah Palin reads. Or if she read anything that doesn’t fit on an index card.

Second, Sarah Palin is saying loud and clear that we should look closely at the people with whom politicians running for elected office “pal around with”. Well, that seems prudent. So let’s look at the terrorists that Sarah Palin pals around with.

  • Pastor Thomas Muthee. A Kenyan pastor whose claim to fame is denouncing people as witches in the name of Christianity. He’s also an anti-Semite who encourages devout Christians to take a page out of “Israelites” playbook and dominate education, politics, and business. And be believes in using violence to help achieve goals faster. Sarah more than “pals around” with Thomas Muthee: She names him as the person responsible for praying her into the office of governor of Alaska.
  • The Wasilla Assembly of God and pastor Ed Kalins. Sarah, along with her entire family, was re-baptized into the church when she was twelve. She has regularly attended the church from 1974  until 2002 when she was running for lieutenant governor of Alaska. The church and its pastor are  part of The Third Wave of the Holy Spirit or the New Apostolic Reformation. In addition to preparing for and helping along the end of the world, the movement is training a young “Joel’s Army” to take dominion over the United States and the world. Basically, they’re tent revivalists with the goal of achieving world domination and ridding the universe of demons through violence. And Alaska is the place where anyone left standing after the holy war flees to when the end of the world happens — not for those rebate checks — but for salvation.
  • The Juneau Christian Church and Pastor Mike Rose. Another of Sarah Palin’s churches and a member of the Third Wave. In particular, this church has integrated “Holy Laughter” into its services. Think of a crowd of people convulsing in an uncontrolled manner. Then think of a pastor kicking in the head of someone who gets too out of control. Ouch.
  • Church on the Rock, Wasilla and Senior Pastor David Pepper. Another church that is part of the Third Wave and Joel’s Army. Sorry, I know this is getting repetitive. But Sarah is very deliberate and specific in her religious associations.
  • Wasilla Bible Church and Pastor Larry Kroon. I’m throwing them in mostly for being supporters of David Bricker, the international leader of “Jews for Jesus”. Pastor Kroon is mentioned in their promotional materials and Pastor Kroon has had David Bricker over to preach. Jews for Jesus are terrorists? Well, if you’re Jewish you tend to think this way particularly when their goal is to convert  Jews to accept Jesus as their Savior. All I’m saying is if you go to a seder, DON’T bring these people up in conversation. Oh, and the Wasilla Bible Church also supports the ex-gay movement to make gay people go straight. So if you’re gay you tend to think these people are terrorists, too. All I’m saying is if you’re planning on having any gay friends, DON’T suggest that you drop-in on one of their meetings before you catch a Barbra Streisand concert.
  • Todd Palin and the Alaska Independence Party. Todd’s more than her pal — he’s Sarah’s husband! And he was registered with the Alaska Independence Party from 1995 until 2002, the year that Sarah Palin ran for lieutenant governor in Alaska. (Boy, big changes for Sarah in 2002 when she started grabbing for more power and visibility.) I’m not sure if wanting to break up the United States of America makes you a terrorist. It’s at least un-American and un-patriotic. And we did go to war over secession in the mid-19th century. But maybe they just want Alaska (and ideally Hawaii) to break off to give the people in the lower 48 states a simpler country map to draw? It’ll mean having two fewer neighboring countries: Russia and Afghanistan.

But wait: Isn’t this unfair to call into question someone’s credentials to run for public office based on a person’s associations with others? Isn’t this smearing someone and employing Swift Boat Tactics? Nah, Sarah Palin says it’s fair game. And after all this silence on Sarah’s part I am looking forward to hearing her discuss her past and present associations with her terrorist pals!

Update: October 6: And now Sarah Palin’s playing the Rev. Wright card. But I wonder if John McCain is all that eager to hear about it, too. After all, McCain stopped Rev. Wright ads in April 2008.

Update October 7: Sarah’s hitting a few more television outlets, heavy on Fox News, with her stump speech. And she’s integrated Tina Fey to her chatter. But no print media. Sarah: Whatever you do, DON’T play a flute duet with Tina Fey on SNL. And try to find something new to talk about: that stump speech is on YouTube and everyone’s already seen it.

Update October 8: OMG. She speaks! And she’s still talking about getting on TV with Tina Fey. And now she has nothing to hide from Troopergate. And she’s still sore at McCain about Michigan.