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Will John and Sarah Break Up Over Ted?

October 28, 2008

Sen. Ted Stevens, the longest serving Republican in the US Senate, has been indicted on corruption charges. The 84-year old senator plans to appeal the conviction and continue on with his reelection campaign. His response to the decision is, “It’s not over yet.”

Sarah has been circumspect in commenting on the indictment. Yesterday the McCain-Palin campaign released a written, coherent statement on Sarah’s position. In other words, Sarah was not allowed to speak to the press. The statement indicated that Sarah felt Sen. Stevens would do “what is right for the people of Alaska”. Today John McCain called for Sen. Stevens to step down. A Palin campaign-spokesperson also indicated that Sarah might not vote for Stevens.

In the annals of increasing “Sarah is Rogue” incidents, the Stevens indictment could break not only the fragile McCain-Palin detente, but it could also allow the Democrats to reach the magic number 60 in the Senate. For now Stevens remains a popular figure in Alaska and if Sarah is looking out for her future she will want to maintain her extensive ties to her political mentor should he be reelected.

But this is today. And there are seven days until the election.

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