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A Message from the Other Joe: Biden

October 16, 2008

This just in my inbox.


Anyone who tells you this election is already decided is dead wrong. Let’s not forget the 2000 election, when Al Gore was up by double digits in October.

The surest way to lose a race is to slow down with the finish line in sight.

We’re taking no chances. We’ve planned the biggest get out the vote operation in history, and we need to make sure that every voter has their voice heard.

That’s why we’ve set the goal of bringing in 100,000 new donors by Friday at midnight.

Your donation today will match that of a fellow supporter, encouraging them to step up and own a piece of this campaign.

Will you make a donation of $100 or more today and double your impact?

This campaign has fought for every inch, and now is not the time to take anything for granted.

To get out the vote, we need to knock on hundreds of thousands of doors and make even more phone calls.

This campaign has built the largest field operation in history, and we need to mobilize it in these remaining days to get every single voter to the polls on Election Day.

Because that’s what it comes down to — counting every last vote.

Make a matching donation today to make certain that when everything is on the line, we are stronger than ever:

We’ve come too far to hold back now.

Thank you for everything you’re doing,



Sarah Palin is “Palling Around with Terrorists”

October 6, 2008

I’m ecstatic to see Sarah Palin out on parole for good behavior after her debate with Joe Biden. I’m hoping to hear more from her: She’s been hiding from us for too long.

And what better way to celebrate coming out than making a speech in San Francisco (okay south of it in Burlingame, but close enough). Sarah cited a New York Times article to support her claim that Barack Obama “palled around with terrorists”. I was amazed on a couple of levels:

First, Sarah Palin reads the New York Times? Cool! I read it, too. But wait, if you read the article you don’t get the impression that Barack Obama actually “pals around” with Bill Ayers. Rather Obama is quoted again as calling Bill Ayers, now a college professor, “somebody who engaged in detestable acts 40 years ago, when I was 8.” And they both live in Chicago and are involved in politics so their paths have crossed several times. So, no, we still have no idea what newspapers Sarah Palin reads. Or if she read anything that doesn’t fit on an index card.

Second, Sarah Palin is saying loud and clear that we should look closely at the people with whom politicians running for elected office “pal around with”. Well, that seems prudent. So let’s look at the terrorists that Sarah Palin pals around with.

  • Pastor Thomas Muthee. A Kenyan pastor whose claim to fame is denouncing people as witches in the name of Christianity. He’s also an anti-Semite who encourages devout Christians to take a page out of “Israelites” playbook and dominate education, politics, and business. And be believes in using violence to help achieve goals faster. Sarah more than “pals around” with Thomas Muthee: She names him as the person responsible for praying her into the office of governor of Alaska.
  • The Wasilla Assembly of God and pastor Ed Kalins. Sarah, along with her entire family, was re-baptized into the church when she was twelve. She has regularly attended the church from 1974  until 2002 when she was running for lieutenant governor of Alaska. The church and its pastor are  part of The Third Wave of the Holy Spirit or the New Apostolic Reformation. In addition to preparing for and helping along the end of the world, the movement is training a young “Joel’s Army” to take dominion over the United States and the world. Basically, they’re tent revivalists with the goal of achieving world domination and ridding the universe of demons through violence. And Alaska is the place where anyone left standing after the holy war flees to when the end of the world happens — not for those rebate checks — but for salvation.
  • The Juneau Christian Church and Pastor Mike Rose. Another of Sarah Palin’s churches and a member of the Third Wave. In particular, this church has integrated “Holy Laughter” into its services. Think of a crowd of people convulsing in an uncontrolled manner. Then think of a pastor kicking in the head of someone who gets too out of control. Ouch.
  • Church on the Rock, Wasilla and Senior Pastor David Pepper. Another church that is part of the Third Wave and Joel’s Army. Sorry, I know this is getting repetitive. But Sarah is very deliberate and specific in her religious associations.
  • Wasilla Bible Church and Pastor Larry Kroon. I’m throwing them in mostly for being supporters of David Bricker, the international leader of “Jews for Jesus”. Pastor Kroon is mentioned in their promotional materials and Pastor Kroon has had David Bricker over to preach. Jews for Jesus are terrorists? Well, if you’re Jewish you tend to think this way particularly when their goal is to convert  Jews to accept Jesus as their Savior. All I’m saying is if you go to a seder, DON’T bring these people up in conversation. Oh, and the Wasilla Bible Church also supports the ex-gay movement to make gay people go straight. So if you’re gay you tend to think these people are terrorists, too. All I’m saying is if you’re planning on having any gay friends, DON’T suggest that you drop-in on one of their meetings before you catch a Barbra Streisand concert.
  • Todd Palin and the Alaska Independence Party. Todd’s more than her pal — he’s Sarah’s husband! And he was registered with the Alaska Independence Party from 1995 until 2002, the year that Sarah Palin ran for lieutenant governor in Alaska. (Boy, big changes for Sarah in 2002 when she started grabbing for more power and visibility.) I’m not sure if wanting to break up the United States of America makes you a terrorist. It’s at least un-American and un-patriotic. And we did go to war over secession in the mid-19th century. But maybe they just want Alaska (and ideally Hawaii) to break off to give the people in the lower 48 states a simpler country map to draw? It’ll mean having two fewer neighboring countries: Russia and Afghanistan.

But wait: Isn’t this unfair to call into question someone’s credentials to run for public office based on a person’s associations with others? Isn’t this smearing someone and employing Swift Boat Tactics? Nah, Sarah Palin says it’s fair game. And after all this silence on Sarah’s part I am looking forward to hearing her discuss her past and present associations with her terrorist pals!

Update: October 6: And now Sarah Palin’s playing the Rev. Wright card. But I wonder if John McCain is all that eager to hear about it, too. After all, McCain stopped Rev. Wright ads in April 2008.

Update October 7: Sarah’s hitting a few more television outlets, heavy on Fox News, with her stump speech. And she’s integrated Tina Fey to her chatter. But no print media. Sarah: Whatever you do, DON’T play a flute duet with Tina Fey on SNL. And try to find something new to talk about: that stump speech is on YouTube and everyone’s already seen it.

Update October 8: OMG. She speaks! And she’s still talking about getting on TV with Tina Fey. And now she has nothing to hide from Troopergate. And she’s still sore at McCain about Michigan.

Sarah Palin: The Joe Six-Pack Millionaire

October 3, 2008

The McCain campaign released Palin’s financial statements today, Friday, before the planned release date of Monday. Friday’s a slow news day, so you might have missed this if you weren’t watching.

An excerpt:

  • “Add up the couple’s 2007 income and the estimated value of their property and investments and they appear to be worth at least $1.2 million. That would make the Palins, like Democratic vice presidential rival Joe Biden and his wife Jill, well-off but not nearly as wealthy as multimillionaire couples John and Cindy McCain and, to a lesser extent, Barack and Michelle Obama”
  • “The Palins’ assets seem enviable: a half-million-dollar home on a lake with a float-plane at the dock, two vacation retreats, commercial-fishing rights worth an estimated $50,000 or more and an income last year of at least $230,000. That compares to a median income of $64,333 for Alaskans and $50,740 for Americans in 2007, according to the Census Bureau.”

She’ll be releasing more information about her personal finances, including mortgage debt and any investment accounts and savings. But I had read earlier that she and Todd have several hundred thousand in retirement accounts.

This is fascinating. I’ve never met a Joe Six-Pack kind of gal with a quarter million coming in annually.

Read the full story.

Keep Your Eye on the Duck, Dick!

October 3, 2008

Sarah learns how to pronounce “caricature”, too!

I can’t believe that Sarah Palin’s seriously considering running for vice-president. This is all she can say about Dick Cheney? No, this isn’t SNL and I don’t think Palin is trying to be funny. This is more of the Katie “boy she annoys me” Couric interview with Sarah Palin. But this has got to turn up on SNL this weekend.

Sarah Palin, Folksiness, and Class

October 3, 2008

The argument that Sarah Palin is a real person of working-class values versus a politician from another, wealthier planet pops up a lot. I personally have never gotten the impression that she’s a spunky ball of ole fashioned, small-town wisdom and wit that’s shedding light upon all of us. My reasoning goes like this:

  1. I live part-time in rural America. I have had the opportunity to meet many highly intelligent individuals who are “plain-spoken” if not downright “folksy” and working-class. Sarah Palin does not remotely resemble any of these people.
  2. I live part-time in a major American city of great diversity. I have had the opportunity to meet many college-educated, upper-middle class to wealthy individuals who lack sense and intelligence. Sarah Palin resembles these people.
  3. The amount of money you have doesn’t indicate your intelligence.
  4. Lying and spewing nonsense is very equal opportunity.

I think Joe Biden getting emotional on-stage when talking about what it feels like to lose a child was genuine and classy. It only highlighted how fraudulent the hype around Sarah Palin is. Or, to put it more kindly, how clearly McCain is using her as a gimmick. I’m she she’s a person capable of much good and love, but you wouldn’t know it from the Hollywoodesque narrative that the McCain campaign has spun around her. The latest gimmick the McCain campaign is using is that she “killed” during the vice-presidential debate. Now Republicans want to revel in slaughter? Even high school and college athletic programs have the sportsmanship to avoid language like that when speaking of opponents.

And what struck me during the debate was the look of contempt on Palin’s face when Gwen Ifill asked her and Biden to talk about their Achilles heels. Joe did it and he did it very clearly and with humility. But Palin refused to answer. She looks like she’s walking around with a perpetual chip on her shoulder pads. I got the same vibe from Palin when Katie Couric asked her in their interviews why she had gotten a passport only in the last year. Palin replied that she wasn’t from one of those “kinds of families” that send you off with a “passport and a backpack”.

Sarah Palin’s personality has an edge of thinly veiled hostility. It has neither classiness nor folksiness.