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Sarah Palin’s Gone Rogue

October 22, 2008

It’s an increasing topic of discussion in the press: Is Sarah Palin calling 2008 a loss and now prepping us for her own presidential aspirations in 2012? People are wondering given that in past month she has:

  • Deliberately contradicted John McCain’s positions on Michigan, North Korea, robocalls, and a constitutional ban on gay marriage.
  • Talked to the press without her McCain handlers present. In some cases, she has appeared to deliberately ditch them and/or to simply ignore their efforts to end her impromptu conversations in order to speak directly to the press corps.
  • She’s even made friends with a non-Joe: Ed the Dairyman out in Roswell, NM. And in her CNN interview she also added “Jane the engineer and Molly the dental hygienist and Chuck the teacher.”

Or, as others have speculated, has communication within the McCain-Palin campaign broken down to the point where the inmates are running the asylum. We remember when Sarah Palin seemingly agreed with Barack Obama and contradicted John McCain regarding U.S. attacks along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border during her ill-fated run to the Philly Cheesesteak Shop. John McCain had to have a sit down with Sarah and Katie Couric to clarify that he’s in charge and no one else so please disregard what Sarah said on camera because he is in charge. Is this just more of Sarah not understanding the message and freelancing?

It’s an intriguing thought: Just what kind of rogue is Sarah Palin?

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Finally: Sarah Palin Hates Gay Marriage

October 21, 2008

Sarah Palin wants to write a gay marriage ban into the US constitution. Wasn’t it just four years ago when gays and their quaint, old-fashioned desire to get married got thrown under the presidential election bus? Call me nostalgic, but I was waiting for the repeat in 2008. And, boy, did I have to wait. Sarah Palin pulled out this latest whammy just a couple of weeks before the election. She waited until the Log Cabin Republican gave her and her running-mate (John “That One” McCain) their endorsement. And after Sarah told us about her extremely diverse life that happened to include gay friends. Or was that one friend?

To be honest, I’m not sure if the Log Cabin Republicans made an endorsement this year or just breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, a Republican who doesn’t throw us under the bus! In 2004 they refused to issue an endorsement after Bush threw them and gay people in general to the wolves. After all, it was John McCain who once described a constitutional ban on gay marriage as “antithetical in every way to the core philosophy of Republicans.” That practically made John McCain a gay icon. Okay, a second-tier gay icon. But he was supposed to be cool. Heck, even Cher had trouble when Chastity came out. And the Log Cabin club has been so out there in opposition to Proposition 8: The effort to overturn the right to gay marriage in California.


The folks at the Log Cabin Republican Club better ask their dry cleaners how to get tread marks out of khakis. And they need to stay in the crosswalk and look both ways before crossing the street: Those Mavericks are crazy bus drivers.

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