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Peggy Hill’s “Gotcha”, too, Crafty Philly Cheesesteak Dude and John McCain Warms Up His Singing Voice

September 30, 2008

I don’t know how Sarah Palin could have so easily walked into the infamous, Fast-Talking, Philly Cheesesteak Shop Scam. A total tourist move. Peggy Hill’s usually on the other side of that “gotcha!” moment.

Season 3: Peggy’s Headache

PEGGY: You know, Hank, I really —
HANK: I know. And, Peggy —
PEGGY: I gotcha.
HANK: All right, then.

Okay, now we know what Sarah’s going to say on the debate Thursday about Pakistan. I’llĀ  be curious to see how exact the statements are.

And I notice that Sarah’s back wearing power red, the mullet hair is gone, and she’s in <gulp> PANTS! Major focus-group shift on that one.

And then McCain evokes Britney Spears when talking about HW Bush’s overconfidence. Oops. Well at least he didn’t get all Beach Boys on us and start singing about bombing Iran. Because that would, like, be naively announcing you were going to attack someone. Right?