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Sarah Palin and Peggy Hill Give Katie Couric a Geography Lesson

September 25, 2008

Unfortunately¬†she lacked the vocabulary to express herself properly. I suspect that Sarah was trying to say the word “caricature” when trying to discuss how reporters picked up on her “I can see Russia from my house.” statement. I can’t pinpoint the expression that flashed across her face when she tripped over her words. Anger? Embarrassment? Was she pissed at Katie? It definitely wasn’t perkiness. And turning away from Katie at that moment was not positive body language.

Sarah also used her time with Katie to further expand her muppet hands repetoire. Regarding her hair, I think Sarah’s now going for the “Peggy Hill Meets a Mullet” look. Pink is still not her color.

PEGGY: “Would you please tell Boomhauer that Swiss cheese is not Mehican, it is American.”


Sarah Palin’s Dress Bombs During Interview with Katie Couric and Peggy Hill Will Get Back to You About Those Numbers

September 25, 2008

Wow. What is happening to Sarah’s hair? And I really don’t think that pink is her color. And it’s another Peggy Hill moment.

Aside from that the interview was, well, strange. Sarah looked awkward, said we’re headed toward a Depression, looked like a moose caught between the cross-hairs when Katie asked her about Rick Davis receiving all that money from Freddie Mac while he worked as McCain’s campaign manager, and then didn’t know much about John McCain’s track record on fiscal regulation. But she’ll research that!

Oh, my. And there’s going to be more. Sarah: Get a new dress!

PEGGY: Your mother is one of only sixteen people who have survived parachutes not opening. Now, sixteen is just my estimate. I’ll double-check my numbers later.