Sarah Makes Sure that Her Kids Aren’t Overlooked: She Billed the State for $21,012 in Fraudulent Expense Reports

In the midst of the frenzy over Sarah’s $150,000 Republican National Committee makeover, I overlooked the following tidbit:

Anchorage Daily News: “State Funded Palin Kids’ Travel

This amounts to $21,012 of reimbursements that were never taxed. Sarah claimed that because the children traveled with her as part of official, state business, these were non-taxable reimbursement. Thus she never submitted them as income on her tax statements.

On closer scrutiny it appears that Sarah had tried to get reimbursed for these travel expenses and was initially rejected because the kids weren’t there on state business. amended her reports on August 6, 2008 three weeks before John McCain chose Sarah as his running mate. Earlier the reports had NOT stated that charges were for business purposes.  Sarah resubmitted amended expense reports explicitly stating that the kids WERE invited and were therefore traveling on reimbursable official, state business. However, when event organizers were contacted they said that the kids weren’t invited. They just kind of showed up. And some of the “official state business” the girls attended included watching their dad Todd compete in a snow mobile race.


Does anyone do numerology? What’s with Sarah and the cool numbers? $150,000 for a clothing allowance. $21,012 for kids travel.


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