Who Is this “Lisa Ann” and What Does She Have to do with Sarah Palin?

I love Google. You enter search word items and hundreds of thousands of related web pages across the universe appear beneath your fingertips. For the past seven weeks, one of my favorite search terms has been “Sarah Palin”. Through Google I’ve found a plethora of searches related to “Sarah Palin”:

  • witch doctor
  • witch hunter
  • snl
  • Katie Couric
  • vogue
  • Tina Fey
  • sexy
  • hot
  • pictures

And recently a couple of new ones:

  • nailin
  • Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann? Nailin?

Call me naive, but I had no idea what “naiin” and “Lisa Ann” had to do with Sarah Palin. Like Sarah Palin, I read multiple media sources — maybe not EVERYTHING that crosses my desk — but many of them. And I guess my town is a microcosm of America just like Sarah’s. But Sarah’s campaign just scorches the earth under her feet as she beats a path through the few, the proud, the pro-American parts of the country. She has opened my eyes to reams of new media sources.

Call me an elitist, but before Sarah entered the campaign I had neither purchased nor read the National Enquirier. And now it looks like I’m going to have to purchase a copy of Hustler Magazine to read about Lisa Ann. Really, it’s for the articles. Or catch it when it comes out on video?


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