Say It Ain’t So, Joe the Plumber! You ARE a Republican Plant

According to the Daily Kos:

  1. You don’t have a plumbing license.
  2. You registered as a Republican for the primary election but with your name misspelled by the Ohio registrar — so you might get purged before you get to vote in the general election.
  3. And you owe back taxes.

And you’re regurgitating Republican talking points to the media in more interviews than Sarah Palin has given in the past month. Sigh. Better keep your day job, whatever it is. And John McCain better stick to craps rather than poker when he gambles — he was positively gloating over you in the third debate.

And wait, there’s more from the San Francisco Chronicle:

  1. Your first name’s really Sam.
  2. You used to live in Arizona and Alaska.
  3. You owe a lot of money and there’s a lien on your property.
  4. You intended to meet Obama on that casual, Sunday walk around but have later characterized it as a surprise encounter.
  5. Unless you got your own plumbing license, you couldn’t own your own plumbing business in Ohio. And because you don’t have a plumbing license you’re not supposed to work as a plumber in Ohio.

So maybe calling you a “plant” is a little harsh. Let’s just say that you’re a guy who made up a story, pushed to get himself on television and the media probably with the help of republicans, is now featured in a campaign ad for John McCain, and no one vetted you very thoroughly. Oops.


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