Say It Ain’t So, Joe the Plumber! Are You Really a Republican Plant?

The answers are here.

Quick note about the site that featured a story about Joe the Plumber the day of the third debate. This group has a history of faking stories of average people with compelling, conservative viewpoints. Ouch.

So an average Joe Wurzelbacher talks to Obama on camera while Obama does a casual walk-through on a street in Holland, OH on Sunday, October 12th. He has a full, in-depth, interview with him posted on October 15th on conservative web site that discusses his chance encounter with Obama, Socialism, health care policy, immigration, and what he’d like John McCain to say during the debate on the 15th. Then on October 15th 3PM EST John McCain mentions Joe’s name incessantly during the debate. By that evening, Joe’s been interviewed by multiple news sources including Katie Couric where she reached him by phone in Holland, OH. Wow. He even manages to get a Sammy Davis, Jr. tap dance reference in there.

So why is Joe the Plumber easier to interview than Sarah Palin? Is it because he’s a Republican Plant? Come October 16th this regular Joe the Plumber is going to hit all the morning talk shows. And the McCain campaign claims there was no “heads up” that he was going to be mentioned throughout the debate. Oh, please. I guess this means there will be a lot of leaking pipes in Holland, OH. And I now also know why John McCain plays craps and not poker; he broadcasts his hand. It is a small consolation to me: I thought John McCain was losing his mind the way he fixated on Joe the Plumber throughout the debate.

As a small-business owner I gotta look him in the eye and unblinkingly ask Joe: You’re really going to buy a two-person plumbing business and immediately net more than $250,000 annually?

This inquiring mind really, really wants to know what’s up with you, Joe the Plumber.

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  1. 1

    We’re starting to see some reasons to believe that McCain has been duped too. I’ll be posting more on my blog shortly. I’m trying to string together a few more details.

  2. 2
    votepalin Says:

    Thanks, mi amigo gusano.

    Are you talking about the Marty Eisenstadt site?

  3. 3
    Marv Says:

    Here’s a debate topic that was never covered, but I think has some interesting items:

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