Joe The Plumber: We Hardly Knew Ye

Long Island, New York. October 15, 2008 – In a stunning debate tactic, John McCain evoked the Hailest of Marys in the history of all Presidential Campaigns: Joe the Plumber. He called in Joe the Plumber early in the debate and regardless that no one really understood why he was talking about Joe the Plumber, John McCain evoked his name repeatedly. I think McCain’s trick play has to do with Joe the Plumber meeting Barack Obama in Toledo, Ohio and telling Obama that he would not be able to afford the tax consequences of buying a business under Obama’s tax proposal. Instant replay may be required to back me up, but I believe John McCain was stretching for the end zone when he promised to get Joe the Plumber his business if he is elected president.

I’m sure Joe the Plumber is a great guy. Sounds like he makes good money, too. But I have a play up my own sleeve called Dominic the Electrician. Dominic is my pal and he isn’t getting his fair air time in the debate. Dominic’s from Long Island, he has an electrical business, and he’s a great looking guy. How Joe made it onto the field and not Dominic baffles me. It’s this bafflement which prevents me from throwing my weight behind the McCain-Palin ticket. That and their lack of coherent, understandable policy.

But, really, it’s all about my pal Dominic warming the bench while Joe the Plumber runs wild in the backfield, pump faking.

Huffington Post found Joe.

Update: Interesting speculation that Joe the Plumber is a plant by the McCain campaign. It would make John McCain look less insane for mentioning him throughout the debate. And how did Joe the Plumber (Joe Wurzelbacher) get all these interviews published on 10/15/2008 — particularly by conservative internet sites like It makes him look like he was, ah, waiting and ready for McCain to mention him by name.


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    averageuscitizen Says:

    Go Dominic!!!!

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