I Did Not Understand What John McCain Was Talking About During the Third Presidential Debate

October 15, 2008.

Please correct me if I’m mistaken, but was John McCain marginally comprehensible. Or to put it another way, was John McCain losing his train of thought throughout the debate.

Additionally, was McCain’s behavior downright odd. I believed he vascillated between:

  • avoidance (“I will not say Bill Ayers, I will not say Bill Ayers, I will not say Bill Ayers”)
  • hurt (“Make John Lewis take it back!”)
  • ferocity (“I will say Bill Ayers, and he’s a washed up terrorist!”)
  • cunning (“heh, heh, heh, heh”)
  • humility (“I am from a long line of McCains who have served this country.”)
  • feigning confusion (As he left the stage McCain made exaggerated gestures as if to show he didn’t know where to go, isn’t that funny I don’t know where to go, and, heck, where am I supposed to go? Except, it was neither the time nor place to gesticulate like one of the Three Stooges. I had no idea what to think of that.)
  • the whole extended episode of Joe the Plumber. Did McCain actually name him four or five times? The first time was sort of folksy. The second time was sort of whatever. But after that it was weird.

It was odd. I’m not a McCain supporter, but I’m not saying this just because of that. His behavior was simply odd. And it really looked like he was averting his face so the camera would not catch his left side. I think the swelling in his neck/jaw has worsened and it can’t be comfortable for him. I think it’s impeding his speech, too.

Any psychiatrists or psychologists out there?

Update: Interesting speculation that Joe the Plumber is a plant by the McCain campaign. It would make John McCain look less insane for mentioning him throughout the debate. And how did Joe the Plumber (Joe Wurzelbacher) get all these interviews published on 10/15/2008 — particularly by conservative internet sites like familysecuritymatter.org. It makes him look like he was, ah, waiting and ready for McCain to mention him by name.


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