Who is the Real Barack Obama?

Setting aside irony and sarcasm for the moment, I want to answer this question that the McCain-Palin insist on asking.

The “Real Barack Obama” is a guy comfortable in his own skin and as comfortable in Red as Blue states. That makes him the real American in this presidential campaign. He doesn’t hide from the press. He doesn’t make excuses and cast blame. He’s expanded his campaign into territory that presidents and democrats hasn’t tread in decades. So regardless of the misinformation spewed across the airwaves people are getting the opportunity to meet the man for who he is.

This is why Obama’s going to win. You can call him whatever names you want, but in the end he’s a level-headed, thoughtful, intelligent person who people have no problem getting behind to get this country out of a deep mess. And Obama didn’t panic and dress up in camouflage to shoot geese or don a helmet to ride around in a tank to “win” voters. Through it all he has stuck to his strategy, tactics, and message and his starched shirts and dress pants. He’s come out of every scuffle looking intelligent and rational and believe it or not that’s a breath of fresh air for most people.

On the other hand, McCain and Palin have descended into a level of name-calling weirdness that even Hollywood wouldn’t consider marketable.

Watch this cool video to learn more.


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    loudelf Says:

    I find it amazing, the despite the actual information, so many are in love with Obama. Many people actually refuse to acknowledge his links to Ayers, Wright, Rezko, ACORN, and others.

    I will say that charisma is one ingredient to a great leader, and Obama’s got that. But being “level-headed” would indicate the ability to be reasonable, not just vote with one’s party. Intelligence might be used when selecting whose living room to launch your political career out of. And how thoughtful is someone who askes his constituents to vote for him, and by his own admission had to start running for president then second he got into office?

    I really have had a hard time finding someone truly level-headed, intelligent, and thoughtful that bought his line. He’s just another in a long line of politicians that tell you one thing, and do another… all on the public dime.

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