Alaska’s Very Busy Personnel Board: Monegan is Going to Make Sarah Palin Take It All Back

The Anchorage Daily News reports that former public safety commissioner Walt Monegan has requested a hearing from the Alaska state personnel board to clear his name. The McCain-Palin has been dragging his name and reputation through mud as part of Troopergate and he’s mad. If he does not get a hearing with publicly released results, then Monegan will take his case to court.

The Alaska state personnel board is in the process of conducting its own ethics investigation of Sarah Palin and the charge that she abused her power. It has recently announced that it is expanding its probe to include additional complaints and more state employees. Results could be released before the election.

Sarah Palin is the human resources manager’s worse nightmare: A person who disregards common standards of workplace conduct and spouts gossip. And when she’s not talking she has her surrogate, husband Todd, do her trash talking for her. She’s a magnet for workplace lawsuits.


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