Todd Palin Talks Trash: Mike Wooten Argued Over a $5 Fee at the Local Dump

Included in Todd Palin’s statement in response to Stephen Branchwater’s legislative investigation of Troopergate is a memo from Hackett’s Legal Investigations. The memo is dated June 27, 2005 and involves Mike Wooten taking a load to the local dump.

In the spring of 2005, Mike Wooten was assessed a $5.00 fine for not properly covering the load he brought to the local dump. After arguing with the attendant, Barry Lowe, the attendant referred Wooten to his supervisor, Greg Goodale. Wooten argued with Goodale that as a state trooper he knew Alaska state statutes and the local ordinance that defined how a load should be covered didn’t meet the state statutes. Goodale explained that there was a borough ordinance that was violated that imposed a $5.00 fine and that Wooten needed to pay it. Wooten wasn’t happy, paid the fee, and left the site.

Todd Palin (and his lawyer) thinks that this encounter merits submitting to Stephen Branchflower to argue that Wooten is a horrible person who threatens his family and who deserves to be fired from his job. I’m not quite certain what to think. Is Todd’s lawyer not very smart? I agree that tarping your load at the dump is important in rural areas, but, really.

Todd Palin’s Statement in response to the subpoena. (52 pages in pdf format — the part about the dump is at the very end)


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