Widow of Terrorist Financier Attempts to Influence Presidential Election

In a video released Thursday, the McCain-Palin campaign exposed how in 1993 Barack Obama and William Ayers collaborated in a Chicago-based, radical, educational organization. Research has revealed that the  organization, the Chicago School Reform Collaborative Working Group, fully unleashed its tactics when the Annenberg Foundation funded it in 1994 to the tune of $49.2 million.

Further investigation shows that while the Annenberg Foundation’s founder, William H. Annenberg, is no longer alive that his widow, Leonore, continues to carry out his organization’s objectives. As recently as  2007 Leonore Annenberg held high-level meetings with a representative of a country with documented acts of war and aggression against the United States: Queen Elizabeth II. The meeting was held in private under tight security and hosted by George W. Bush. And earlier this year in an act calculated to change the course of American history, Leonore Annenberg endorsed the McCain-Palin presidential campaign.

We must draw a line in the sand and demand that John McCain disavow the Annenberg Foundation and Leonore Annenberg. Their continued activities are far-reaching throughout the United States and include grantseeking workshops, executive leadership seminars, high school mentoring, and developing the federal workforce.

The Annenberg Foundation can be contacted here.

The McCain-Palin campaign can be contacted here.

And just how has the McCain video impacted American public opinion? It has lowered Obama’s favorable rating perhaps by 2 points. It has, however, increased McCain’s unfavorable rating by a net 2 points.  And overall, this has not stopped Obama’s increased support in battleground states. And in a survey of Wikipedia hits, interest in Ayers has not approached the interest levels of the Keating 5.  This perspective from the people at Five Thirty Eight.


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