Palling Around With Terrorists: The Pals of Walter H. Annenberg Revealed

John McCain argues in in a campaign video released today that Barack Obama and William Ayers collaborated in radical activity. It indicates but does not name the Chicago School Reform Collaborative Working Group of 1993 as the organization in which they worked closely.

The group’s effort, renamed the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, was awarded $49.2 million in 1994 by the Annenberg Foundation. The original 73-member group (the “Gang of 73”) included many current supporters of and donors to John McCain’s campaign.

I am awaiting reports on how the McCain-Palin campaign will return all donations from these terrorist sympathizers and disavow any of their past and current activities. Perhaps he could donate their money to a worthy cause, like education. And I am certain that McCain will act quickly and unblinkingly to distance himself from all known associates of the Gang of 73.

This includes taking the patriotic position that John McCain
will never be seen in a room with himself.

Read about it here:

The Annenberg Foundation – Terrorist Financiers from the Daily Kos.

And a direct link to the Annenberg Foundation’s website. The foundation’s founder, Walter H. Annenberg, was educated at the radical Philadelphia cell called the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. In a diabolical move the organization he led, Triangle Publications, developed and released in 1944 a radical youth propaganda organ: Seventeen Magazine. And in a move to solidify his control of the minds of millions, in 1953 Triangle Publications published TV Guide.

Annenberg has also served as a liaison to a government which has committed documented acts of aggression against our country — Great Britain. From 1969 to 1974 he served as the Ambassador to the Court of St. James’s, Great Britain. Although he is no longer alive, Walter Annenberg’s life’s work is being carried on by his widow, Leonore. In 2008, Leonore endorsed John McCain for the president of the United States. With these associates, John McCain is obviously a person who cannot be trusted to run for the office of the president.

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