National Enquirer Breaking News: Thank God She’s Back

Thank goodness: I was starting to go into Sarah Palin withdrawal. Jamie Lynn Spears having another baby just doesn’t cut it for me.

I don’t believe that this will make the October 20th issue, but the latest breaking story from the National Enquirer is that Todd Palin has been calling the shots in Juneau, not Sarah. This allegation is allegedly gleaned from documents obtained from the Associated Press. It is not clear if this headline is derived from Todd Palin’s affidavit given as part of the legislative Troopergate investigation or if this is yet another unreleased document. But the National Enquirer purports that the documents reveal a state government where Sarah Palin was  absent from daily activities as Todd Palin met with Sarah’s top aides. The McCain-Palin campaign has made the repeated claim that Sarah Palin’s two years as governor has given her extensive executive experience.

In his sworn affivadit to Troopergate special investigative counsel Stephen Branchflower, Todd Palin has claimed to have “hundreds” of conversation about his ex-brother-in-law state trooper Mike Wooten. Todd’s conversations, too numerous for him to recall in detail, were with family, friends, and senior officials in his wife’s administration. Todd wished for Trooper Wooten to lose his job during and after Wooten’s divorce from Sarah’s sister, Molly. Troopergate is an investigation into whether or not Sarah abused her authority and dismissed former Alaska Public Safety Commissioner Walkter Monegan out of retaliation for not firing her ex-brother-in-law. Troopergate investigators have shown interest in Todd’s extensive and persistent contacts with government officials to get Trooper Wooten fired.

Alaskan State Senate officials chastised the McCain-Palin campaign and Todd Palin’s lawyer for leaking Todd’s affidavit under the condition that the leak be kept anonymous. Senate officials charged the McCain-Palin campaign with blatantly politicizing an investigation which they have tried repeated to block. To date, Todd’s affidavit has been the only piece of testimony released from the legislative investigation. Special counsel Stephen Branchflower, who is leading the legislative investigation, is scheduled to release his final report on Friday, October 10, 2008 to the Alaskan state legislative council. That council will then vote on how to take action on the investigation’s findings.

And in another move to preempt the release of the legislative investigation of Troopergate, Sarah Palin has cleared herself of any wrong-doing via release of her own report this Thursday, October 9, 2008. [Note: I didn’t know you could clear yourself of accused wrong-doing. They have strange customs in Alaska.]

Todd Palin’s activities as a “shadow governor” have attracted increasing criticism both within and outside of Alaska. While not being a paid government employee he collected thousands of dollars in travel reimbursement from Alaska. He has also sat with his wife Sarah during high level, government meetings and was the sole person who worked with his wife Sarah in developing the state budget last year. Todd Palin has a high school diploma and no background in public policy or government service.

Update October 10: I believe that the National Enquirer is referring to Todd Palin’s affidavit. That document was leaked by Todd Palin’s lawyer and the McCain-Palin campaign in advance of the legislative investigation of Tropergate. Yet another take on Todd’s affidavit and how it contradicts his previous assertions and proves embarrassing to Sarah Palin.



  1. 1
    sauer kraut Says:

    The Todd Palin document released yesterday are answers to interrogatories, not an affidavit or deposition. Minor technicality, but otherwise some great comments.

    I’d like to think the entire Troopergate matter would be embarrassing to the Palin family but I think they are too enamored of themselves to ever feel that way. A person needs to have some level of humble in them to ever feel embarrassment.

  2. 2
    votepalin Says:

    Thanks for the clarification. It’s being called an affidavit by others in the press but it does appear in a question/answer format. I guess this means that the National Enquirer got it right and many others in the media got it wrong?

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