More Details about Sarah Palin’s Terrorist Pals in the AIP

A great interview about playing the association game on the Rachel Maddow show with guest Max Blumenthal. And the article Blumental wrote with Dave Neiwert on about the Alaskan Independence party and their pal Sarah Palin.

And the YouTube post.

I was waiting for Max’s follow-up article about Pastor Muthee’s visit to the Wasilla Assembly of God. But I guess this story trumps that one. [Correction: It’s here.]

Say it ain’t so, Sarah! Why raise Ayers’ name in a dubious link to Obama when you have palled around with so many truly nutty, talkative, fringe people up there in Alaska throughout your adult life? I can’t tell if Sarah has a self-defeating personality complex or if she’s just not  very smart and doesn’t realize how playing the association game makes her look truly bad. John McCain’s looking pretty bad, too, by pointing a finger at organizations that Obama has worked with when that group was funded by major philanthropist Walter H. Annenberg whose wife is one of McCain’s supporters for the 2008 presidential compaign.

Sarah didn’t learn her lessons in Sunday school very well: particularly the one about the Golden Rule. And she has this strange compulsion to live in a glass house and fling stones wildly in all directions. She needs help: She is under the sway of powerful witchcraft.


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