Nothing Enrages the American Woman Like Untouched Pores

I can’t believe this fight during the FoxNews broadcast.

Does Palin need a proponent who talks about her “facial hair”, “wrinkles”, “pores”, and how her cover photo is a “clear slap in the face” of all American women? This is hilarious. Does Palin really want people to obsess that much over her appearance? I don’t think the interview was supposed to be satire, but it’s hard to take it seriously particularly when you’re watching a woman seething over untouched pores.

And I thought American women were upset about the economy and health care. But now I know that we really want a facial pore stimulus package.

Perhaps they wanted the cover photo to look more like her old “Palin-tol-ogy” Newsweek cover where emphasis was on her moose rifle.

See the video on Yahoo.

Update: I looked up the guest commentators on the video and they are real people and not actors. This is not a parody or clever social satire.


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