Obama-McCain Debate: My Darkest Concerns Have Come to Fruition

Is it just me, or do other people notice that John McCain sounds more like Sarah Palin on a daily basis? He was pretty close to a talking-points android gone amok. And not ONE mention of being a POW? That’s a huge, empty square on your bingo card. But, if you were playing the drinking game, you would have got gotten snockered if you took a shot for every time McCain said “My friends”.

I browsed some of the highly dubious instant online polls, and they were about 80% in favor of Obama winning the debate. McCain paced, babbled, and while I can’t say either of them answered all the questions from the audience McCain gave more canned spiels than Obama. And Obama definitely and directly answered most of the questions from the audience. The town hall format by no means favored John McCain.

Please enlighten me: Did John and Cindy McCain cut out early? I was watching MSNBC and Barack and Michelle were working the hall down to the very last participant. I was wondering why the camera only caught them after the debate, but on the wide shots I saw no evidence of either John or Cindy McCain.

And I missed the very beginning of the telecast. Did McCain REALLY refuse to shake Obama’s hand? Very odd. And the “that one” reference to Obama. Ouch, ouch, ouch.

Update October 8: It wasn’t at the beginning of the debate, it was after the debate where Obama extended his hand and McCain didn’t shake it. McCain had walked over and slapped Obama on his shoulder, causing Obama to turn around and extend his hand. John didn’t take it. Cindy McCain, however, very willingly shook Obama’s hand and chatted pleasantly. I don’t know if McCain was trying to avoid shaking Obama’s hand. McCain looked distracted and didn’t seem to be paying attention to what was happening in front of him. And then right after that both he and Cindy left the stage. Barack and Michelle stayed behind to talk with everyone in the audience.

The debate quick polls are in. Obama by a wide margin.


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