Sarah and Todd Palin “Owe, Baby, Owe!” Unpaid Taxes

The Anchorage Daily News has a thorough analysis of Sarah Palin’s financial statements released this past Friday. The verdict: Sarah and Todd “Owe, Baby, Owe!”

Sarah: You can’t bill the state of Alaska for your children and Todd to travel with you on official state of Alaska business (pretty iffy in itself) and then collect per diems from the state while you worked from home and then not declare it as taxable income. That’s tens of thousands of dollars you collected from the state of Alaska and never paid taxes on. And than writing off Todd’s snow mobile hobby as a business is a total red-flag for the tax man. Too bad Todd broke off his business arrangement with Brad Hanson after he suspected you of having an affair with him: Brad was probably the brains of the operation.

I advise you to tread lightly in those high-heels, Sarah, because if there’s one thing that the Joe Six-Pack public hates more than a mudslinging politician it’s a tax-cheat millionaire who calls herself a regular gal.

No wonder Todd was a member of the Alaska Independence Party: He was probably hoping to dodge taxes.

Update October 8: That unusual per diem that Sarah Palin claimed from the State of Alaska is under investigation. Sarah Palin now claims she worked 365 days a year. Therefore she was entitled to a total of $17,000 in untaxed per diems when she worked in Anchorage, an hour’s drive from her home in Wasilla, versus when she worked in Juneau, 800 miles away from Wasilla. She charged the state a per diem for 312 nights spent at her home in Wasilla since becoming governor of Alaska in December 2006. She also installed a tanning bed in the governor’s mansion in Juneau for those nights spent away from home.

Sarah: You worked on Jesus’s birthday? Repent!


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  1. […] Sarah claimed that because the children traveled with her as part of official, state business, these were non-taxable reimbursement. Thus she never submitted them as income on her tax […]

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