See John McCain Palling Around with Charles Keating

Whoa. Sarah really let it all hang out this weekend about Barack Obama’s past associations and how they should be considered in determining his fitness for public office. I guess this is why Barack Obama is now releasing a 13-minute video about John McCain’s close association with Charles Keating. Back in the 1980s, John McCain was part of an infamous group of US senators called the Keating Five. They were accused of corruption and with aiding Charles Keating as he defrauded thousands of depositors of their life savings. John McCain has worked very hard to put this ignoble part of his life behind him. But now, courtesy of Sarah Palin, it’s back! And it’s particularly significant since the Keating Five scandal has many parallels to the current sub-prime mortgage scandal that is rocking all of us.

The video is coming out noon Eastern Time on Monday, October 6th.
Update: October 6th: Here’s the video on YouTube:


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