Tattoo that Eyeliner, Stat!

I had almost forgotten about all that winking Sarah Palin did during the vp debate. I think I suppressed that memory as a defense mechanism. I’m not quite sure what all that winking was about, but I found it extremely unsettling. Was it:

  1. Eyeliner gone amok? If she tattoos her lip liner, you’d think she’d do something with her eyes and avoid unsightly smears. What if she had been aiming her moose rifle at a charging bear: Do you think Smokey would allow her to wipe away the sweat and Maybelline from her eyes before shooting it?
  2. Flirting? Nah — a vice-presidential nominee FLIRTING with the American public? That would indicate she was trying to use her sex appeal rather than judgment and intelligence to reach out and touch the home viewers. Perish the thought: That’s sexist! Not to mention nauseating.
  3. Neurological disorder? Please don’t say so. Others are already wondering if John McCain has a neurological problem. Seriously, that’s too frightening. If there is any truth to this, then neither should have nuclear — or nucular — codes.
  4. The warning sign of a barracuda about to attack? Nah — they don’t have eyelids.

On the other hand, I liked how Joe Biden looked you right in the eye and stated his case. No winking, no snarking, no hostility. Joe: I’d go to the hardware store with you any day to pick up a bag of nails and a couple of boards!


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