Sarah Palin: The Joe Six-Pack Millionaire

The McCain campaign released Palin’s financial statements today, Friday, before the planned release date of Monday. Friday’s a slow news day, so you might have missed this if you weren’t watching.

An excerpt:

  • “Add up the couple’s 2007 income and the estimated value of their property and investments and they appear to be worth at least $1.2 million. That would make the Palins, like Democratic vice presidential rival Joe Biden and his wife Jill, well-off but not nearly as wealthy as multimillionaire couples John and Cindy McCain and, to a lesser extent, Barack and Michelle Obama”
  • “The Palins’ assets seem enviable: a half-million-dollar home on a lake with a float-plane at the dock, two vacation retreats, commercial-fishing rights worth an estimated $50,000 or more and an income last year of at least $230,000. That compares to a median income of $64,333 for Alaskans and $50,740 for Americans in 2007, according to the Census Bureau.”

She’ll be releasing more information about her personal finances, including mortgage debt and any investment accounts and savings. But I had read earlier that she and Todd have several hundred thousand in retirement accounts.

This is fascinating. I’ve never met a Joe Six-Pack kind of gal with a quarter million coming in annually.

Read the full story.


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