Yes, Sarah Really Wants Obama-Biden to Win the Election

Oh, my God. My head is spinning. More Katie Couric interview. I guess Sarah’s comment about Biden’s many years in the Senate was only to indicate that you’re supposed to decide between her, the new person with fresh energy, and the person with “tremendous amount of experience” in the Senate. Except, isn’t Obama the person with fresh energy and McCain the person with tremendous amounts of experience in the Senate?

So her talking about Biden in the Senate is not a joke about age, it’s a just a fact. I guess poor Sarah didn’t realize how many people (like Cindy McCain and her own daughter Willow Palin) were laughing when she said that line. Shame on them for laughing at someone for having years of experience in the Senate!

But isn’t it funny how she was in the second grade in 1972 and John McCain’s 72 years old.

The video is on CBS News now.


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