It’s All but Official: Sarah Palin is Trying to Make McCain Lose the Election

Or at least that’s the only rational reason that I can come up with for her scripted comment — not even a Sarah gaffe — in Ohio about how old Joe Biden is when John McCain’s standing next to her. Joe Biden’s six years younger than John McCain. So if Palin was in the 2nd grade and hearing about Biden’s Senate speeches, then she hadn’t even entered kindergarten when John McCain was captured in Vietnam. John McCain’s constant recounting of his five and a half years as a POW must be like a history lesson for Sarah. It probably helps her to better visualize the earth at the time when the dinosaurs walked with man.

With speech writers like this, no wonder John McCain’s throwing yet another “Hail Mary” pass and cloistering Sarah at the Sedona ranch with his top advisors to entirely redo her preparation for Thursday’s debate. Cindy McCain and Willow Palin are just laughing away at the joke, too. Too bad John’s reaction isn’t on tape.

Update: And to compound matters, Sarah talks to Katie Couric about the remark. It is interesting to watch her deliver an outright lie.


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