Bristol Wedding Update

The blurt last week by the London Times about the McCain camp’s growing expectation that a pre-election wedding would be a tremendous election-changing, extravaganza is still lingering. Chicago Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed reports today that specifics are not to be found. Her call last week regarding the wedding was met by this unattributed response:

“The wedding is being planned after the election. Bristol (who is about six months pregnant) is planning her wedding along with her family in Alaska and is constantly in touch with her mom and her dad.”

Sneed further writes that a McCain source on Monday reported:

“Sarah Palin would never use her daughter in this way. No matter when the marriage occurs, it would be a matter of family urgency — not political urgency. I’ve heard nothing which would paint a picture otherwise.”

Michael Sneed’s verdict: Wait and see.

The National Enquirer reports sources that Levi Johnston does not want to get married.

Read the Chicago Sun Times article.


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