Bristol Palin Wedding Before the Election?

According to the  British Times Online McCain insiders are leaking a story that they are looking forward to a pre-election wedding between Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston. Right now only the Times is carrying this story. It’ll be interesting to see if other news sources pick it up or if the McCain campaign will comment on it.

After everything else I still find myself stunned by this announcement. This alleged press leak comes from the campaign that suspended then resumed itself last week, is cloistering Sarah Palin, won’t release medical records  of a 72-year old candidate who has survived four bouts of melanoma, and won’t release Sarah Palin’s medical records because “she doesn’t have health problems”. So a shotgun, teenage wedding is like icing on the cake, right? On the bright side, maybe this unfolding story is doing its part to reduce teenage sexual activity. Nah.

But the truly wretched part of this is that I will feel compelled to buy the National Enquirer again this week to see their take on this story. And I am starting to scan web sites that argue Sarah Palin could never have given birth to Trig. Although given all the dirt that the National Enquirer has been able to dig up in a month in Alaska, you would figure that if Trig was Bristol’s baby that they would have had something about that by now. They have relatives signing affidavits about affairs and are viewing drug party videos. The American dollar still carries some weight.

October 19 Update: is now communicating with the National Enquirer. Apparently the National Enquirer hasn’t written anything about Trig since they can’t find anyone who can vouch categorically “yea” or “nay” regarding Bristol’s pregnancy from January through April 2008. During this time, Bristol was under more security than Dick Cheney. And just when I thought that Sarah Palin was simply a rube out to promote herself, now the concept that she’s a highly deceptive, drowning-in-lies rube has reared up again. Oy. If I allow my mind to go there, I ask myself why when rumors abound that you fake your own pregnancy do you not simply release the child’s birth certificate to prove otherwise? Heck, Obama has his birth certificate online. And then you don’t have so much pressure to release your own medical records? But maybe the birth certificate doesn’t list you as the mother? Ouch! Ouch! My head hurts.

I need to get my chakras cleared and remember that we are voting about the fate of the US during a crucial point in its economic and political history.

Sept 30 Update: More from the Chicago Sun  Times.


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