Sarah Palin and Peggy Hill Are Not Scared of the Economy. I Think.

But it’s not always easy to know what either is saying when commenting about the economy. And Sarah’s not being crystal clear when discussing President Bush’s $700 billion proposal to shore up Wall Street. But in Sarah’s mind it has to do with health care, fear, jobs, and all of us feeling sick. And if we don’t act we’ll end up in a Depression (or that’s at least what she said earlier). Maybe she meant we’d all get depressed?

I stand by my position that Sarah Palin is now channeling Peggy Hill.

Peggy Hill Quote on Business:

Speaker: That’s basically what entrepreneurism is. Any questions?
Peggy Hill Yes. I find that I am too busy being successful so I have trouble remembering all of my bright ideas. That’s why I keep a folder.
Speaker: Uhh… That wasn’t really a question. It was more of a comment.
Peggy Hill: Oh, why thank you.


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