National Enquirer Oct 6 Issue: Sarah Palin’s Other Man Revealed


  • Multiple sources report that in 1996 Sarah Palin engaged in an extramarital affair with her husband’s former snow mobile business partner, Brad Hanson. These sources include three members of Hanson’s family who describe it as an “open secret” among close family members that there was an affair. Only relatively recently, however, has Sarah Palin been named as the other woman.
  • Palin denies cheating on her husband. Brad Hanson denies cheating on his wife.
  • Brad Hanson’s wife Carolyn has allegedly told family members that it happened. And after threatening to leave Brad and take the children back to Arizona with her, he broke it off with Sarah. So Brad and Carolyn are still married.
  • At the time of the affair, Todd Palin was away a lot fishing and working at the North Slope. Brad and Sarah were both interested in politics. Sarah was mayor of Wasilla and Brad was on the Palmer city council.
  • Brad Hanson’s name has been coming up in the press as the man Sarah had an affair with. Carolyn called family members (brother Craig Bratton and sister Marily Bowden) earlier this month to confirm that there had been an affair but then asked family members to deny that it happened if any reporters asked. However, several family members have spoken. One includes Jim Burdett — a former brother-in-law of Carolyn Hanson’s brother Craig Bratton. He underwent a polygraph test with the National Enquirer to support his allegations. Other family members have signed affidavits with the National Enquirer. Carolyn’s brother and sister have either refused to speak to the National Enquirer or else have denied that an affair occurred.
  • Carolyn Hanson initially refused to speak with the National Enquirer. Then she called back and stated that there was no truth to the story; that it was just a rumor.
  • Brad Hanson states that he and Todd are still friends.
  • The exact nature of the affair is not clear. One source says that Sarah confided the “infidelity” to a close friend. Another says that there was a “romantic relationship” that was “never consummated”. Rather, Brad was a good listener, Sarah was lonely, and Sarah fell in love with Brad. She allegedly confessed to Todd that she had with Brad an “affair of the heart”, Todd took the news badly and dissolved the business he had with Brad.
  • The incident nearly broke up both marriages.

Questions that Remain:

  • What does the American public define as “cheating” or an “affair”? Will this become a battle of linguistics? Bill Clinton said he “never had sex with that woman” — which technically in the minds of many Americans (and probably Bill) was true. But in the minds of other Americans, what they did was “sex”. And Bill Clinton was publicly crucified for it.
  • The McCain campaign has denied an affair and threatened to sue the National Enquirer. But can the  McCain campaign sue the tabloid for reporting an “affair of the heart”?
  • Is Sarah lying? Did she have something close enough to be considered “sex” (or minimally very heavy petting) with Brad and tell Todd and friends that it was an “affair of the heart” as part of damage control and misdirection? Sarah has a history of holding onto secrets (e.g., keeping her last pregnancy a secret from family and friends for seven months). If she is so good at keeping secrets, then why blurt about an “affair of the heart” to anyone?
  • Is this why Todd hangs around Sarah so much at work?

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    Yeah she had an affair with that guy, come on, here we have names and times, and usally when you hear those things its true 95% of the time, so call it like it is, she’s a cheater and she’s not the first in politics to have an affair and she won’t be the last.

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