Sarah Palin Gets Blessed by the Witch Hunter on Video

Well, once a video is posted online it’s pretty hard to get rid of it. Here’s to diligent research!

Sarah shows up at 7:00 into the video. Pastor Muthee’s call to Christians to take over the world economy and political systems, er, like the Israelites appears 1:20 into it. That wouldn’t be an anti-Semitic statement, would it? And lots of talk about ridding places of witchcraft. Specifically, Muthee has raised mobs of people who have attacked women and some men after Muthee has labeled them witches. I realize he’s Kenyan and isn’t that familiar with American terms that might be more appropriate. In Sarah’s Wasilla and Juneau churches, they would be more likely to call it casting out demons and taking over the world as part of a spiritual warfare movement of the Third Wave.

And Pastor Muthee specifically calls for people to donate to Sarah Palin’s gubernatorial campaign. That violates federal law for non-profit organizations. Someone really should tell him about it. He gets invited to the Wasilla Assembly of God so often that you figure someone might have mentioned this to him by now.


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