Sarah Palin Affair: National Enquirer has a Name

After saying numerous times that Sarah never had an affair, the McCain-Palin campaign may have to backtrack. The National Enquirer got members of Brad Hanson’s family to go on record about the affair. Brad Hanson had been named by other sources as the man who had an affair with Sarah Palin back in 1996.

Here’s the National Enquirer story.

I don’t know how the McCain-Palin campaign will spin this. I’m assuming that Sarah had the sense to not save any blue (or red!) dresses. And I don’t know if the public will buy “falling in love” with someone who isn’t your spouse as “not having an affair”. Stay tuned. I’ll get a copy of the paper when it hits the racks.

But given that Sarah Palin is refusing all unchaperoned media interviews and is busy learning how to meet leaders of foreign countries, maybe McCain-Palin will simply ignore the story. And she better start cramming for Econ. Her finals are coming up!


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