Cool. Earn $15,000 a Month Working From Home

I get these email offers all the time. I generally mark them as spam. But no more. Rick Davis, campaign manager for John McCain, owns the firm named Davis Manafort. The New York Times has just reported that Davis’s firm has been receiving $15,000 a month from 2005 through last month from Freddie Mac. And he didn’t do anything for them, except be close to John McCain. That’s practically as good as working from home and letting the money roll in.

Freddie Mac is the mortgage company that the US government just recently bailed out. McCain has been making statements for a while that Rick Davis was not involved in lobbying on behalf of the mortgate industry or Freddie Mac for the past few years. This report — and its paper trails — undercuts that assertion.

Read the article here in the New York Times.


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