Troopergate’s Lesson: Always Leave a Paper Trail

When I used to work for a university, travel approval and reimbursement was the bane of everyones existence. You needed to submit forms to approve travel, then you needed to submit receipts for reimbursement of expenses. Tedious, required work. And nasty consequences if you didn’t follow protocol.

So it’s nice to read that former Alaskan Commissioner of Public Safety Walt Monegan who had worked in government for over 30 years knew how to follow protocol. Without rule-abiding public servants like that, who knows what would happen to our governments.

I guess it was too difficult for the McCain staffers sent in three weeks ago to manage the government of Alaska to understand that level of detail of process. In my last job I sure had to remind a lot of people to file their travel paperwork! That must have been why the McCain people failed to mention that travel approval when they castigated Monegan on Monday for insubordination and said insubordination was the reason Palin fired him.  Otherwise, it would seem as though our girl Sarah Palin really did fire Monegan as retribution for not firing her ex-brother-in-law.

A word of advice Sarah: Learn to keep personal feelings out of government. When politics becomes a personal vendetta it makes all of us — particularly your former supporters in Alaska — nervous.

Story here.


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