Way to Hate the Gay, McCain.

With the race so close, Sarah Palin’s bounce losing altitude, and an embarrassing moment when John McCain tried to talk economics and ended up biting the Merrill Lynch hand that fed him, what was my boy John McCain thinking when he started bashing Barbra Streisand.

John: Get real. You and Cindy own 10 houses. Sarah owns a tanning bed. Todd hangs out at work with Sarah making people nervous. And on top of this you diss the gays?

I know the Log Cabin Republicans must be biting their nails. (A sad day for the manicurist!) It’s pretty embarrassing to support a ticket where the star of the slate (our girl Sarah Palin) has issues with happy gays. And now you diss la Barbra?

Here’s a suggestion, John. Put a note in your BlackBerry to remind yourself not to diss gay icons (Barbra, Judy, Cher, Tammy Faye, Bette (both of them), Liza). Better yet, don’t diss women who go only by one name: You never know when the gays will start worshiping them.

Thank goodness no one’s talking yet about how Barbra’s also Jewish. You know Sarah’s church has that other issue with the Jews. Praise Jesus that Barbra’s not a gay Jew!


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