Bristol Palin Drug Video: At Least the National Enquirer has Stopped Talking About the Affair

They’ve just moved onto other members of Sarah Palin’s family.

National Enquirer: The Sarah Palin Scandals: Call of the Wild”

I’ll write more when it hits the news stand (you know I can’t get enough about my girl, Sarah!), but to summarize for now:

  • Todd isn’t the only Palin with a drinking and driving problem. His brother, James, was involved in a hit-and-run incident about 20 years ago where the woman almost died after he pulled her out from under her car and sped away. James was fined $50.
  • James Palin has his own marital drama and child out of wedlock. He is allegedly in good shape now and out of that drama.
  • Todd’s mother, Blanche Kallstrom, sued the U.S. government for emotional distress. She was involved in a case where she accidentally serving a child a lye-based detergent thinking it was fruit juice while at a gathering at a alcohol recovery program. The child sustained permanent injuries.  I assume that the program was federally funded which is why the US government was ever involved. Child’s mother sued government, government filed third-party complaint against Blanche for sharing of fault, Blanche counter-sued US government for damages caused by emotional distress of seeing what had happened to child. Case with mother was settled, government’s complaint was dismissed, then Branche’s case was dismissed. Copy of decision is here. It also mentions that Todd’s stepfather, who owns a supplies store, has filed over 100 suits in small claims court for what sounds like unpaid customer accounts.
  • And the big one. Bristol Palin drug video.

I’ll go to the store later to see if I can buy a copy. You might also want to check out the recent MSNBC report about Sarah Palin and her witch hunting pastor. No, I’m not kidding.



  1. 1
    kolchak33 Says:

    Sounds like pure smear tactics BUT, considering they broke the John Edwards story so early…it might be worth some digging.

  2. 2
    harry45z Says:

    What’s unfortunate is…(if all being disclosed is true), Sarah Palin would sell her SOUL for the vice-presidency, at the cost of her children
    being splattered and exposed to the public about their negative behavior. Never mind, she has a very dysfunctional family. How, pretell…could she run a COUNTRY :God forbide something happens to McCain, if they win the election?

    Those who have rallied around her…unknown to her family and political history…seriously need to do some research on their own. And, do remember: “All that Glitters…is definitely NOT Gold!”

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