Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Sarah Palin

If it weren’t for Sarah Palin’s vice-presidential candidacy, I know I’d never read this much. I don’t know why Sarah isn’t talking about her impact on American literacy. I read that the National Enquirer readership has been skyrocketing. I personally thought their piece on “Yoga Eases Menopause” in the September 15, 2008 issue was better written than the one on the alleged Sarah Palin’s Affair. But to each his own. And could someone please tell me why the National Enquirer post-dates the magazine almost two weeks ahead?

So here I am fixated before my computer and reading, reading, and reading even more. I admit I am sometimes confused by the McCain-Palin campaign. For the first week after McCain selected Palin as his vice-presidential running-mate I did not know what to think. How could McCain select Sarah Palin when she has so little experience in politics, does not have a strong background in foreign policy, economics, or science, has some issues in her family that would probably be best left away from public scrutiny, was raised in and continues to attend churches considered unbiblical and heretical by fundamentalist and evangelicals, and has never tried out the national stage?

But now as we enter Week 3 of the McCain-Palin campaign it suddenly hit me. I was on my cell phone when I was struck by divine inspiration. McCain’s selection of Palin is all part of John McCain’s support of the policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Sarah Palin”.

Regardless of all the other inconsistencies in John McCain’s campaign, his position has been consistent regarding “Don’t ask, Don’t tell, Sarah Palin”. He’s asking people to not ask Sarah Palin touchy questions, and if you’re pushy he’ll refer these questions to a spokesperson so Sarah won’t have to tell you directly what she thinks.

For example:

National Security and Foreign Policy.
Rape kits.
Her email.
What’s husband Todd doing hanging out at work with her so much?.
That tanning bed in the Governor’s Mansion. A word of advice, Sarah. If you want to get your Vitamin D and be fiscally conservative, get a full-spectrum light box. They’re about $32,720 cheaper and don’t give you skin cancer.

[I can’t resist a quick shout out to my favorite helmsman George “Sulu” Takei who just married his long-term boyfriend. No way they’re breaking up now, Captain!]


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