Sarah Palin Affair, Alleges National Enquirer

Well, it’s been a whole week since the National Enquirer reported that our girl Sarah Palin had an affair.

[Okay, since I first wrote this I went to the newsstand and bought the Sept 22nd issue. Yes, they do talk about the affair. I write about it here. There was an affair. But the Sept 22nd issue is really more about her immediate family. I have no idea why they have this wacky numbering system for their issues. Everything is very post-dated.]

Well, since then no word on any affairs. Am I surprised? Just talk about how out of control her two children are and what Sarah Palin is hiding.

Okay, you know the story. You work, your husband works. Todd Palin works for BP up on the North Slope. That’s really far away from Wasilla. That’s like you live in Missouri and your job’s in Minnesota. You can’t commute it. No wonder Sarah — whose job as governor takes her to the state capitol of Juneau — worked mostly out of Anchorage. Juneau’s a lot closer to Wasilla than the North Slope, but that’s still over 800 miles. No way you can commute to work. I read that for 19 months Sarah earned a per diem for working out of Wasilla 312 out of a possible 570 days. I’m glad she got to stay home that much. She’d have to leave the household in charge of the teenage kids when she was at work in Juneau. I don’t know when Todd gets to come home. But I know he goes fishing for a month every summer just to get away from it all. I bet there were times when Sarah was in Juneau when she worried if the kids had burned down the house!

So your husband’s not around, you are totally stretched, and your teenage kids are wild. We’ve all heard that story before. You find out only after the fact that Track and Bristol are doing lots of drugs, having lots of sex, drinking. And then you find out after the fact that Track has been getting kids to steal for you by using your job as leverage with other kids. The stinker! And that really nasty, tasteless vandalism incident he was involved with. Well, that’s teenagers for you!

These were the first kids. Unless you have experience raising kids, you make a lot of decisions you don’t do later with the younger kids. Especially in small towns. In small towns the kids get bored, there’s LOTS of drugs and booze, and if you’re working the kids sneak around behind your back and the back of the police. Having only state troopers makes it even easier for kids to run around unsupervised.

I really feel for Sarah Palin. She was pregnant, she has two other younger kids, her 17-year old daughter is pregnant, and the oldest boy is out of control. And she’s probably tripling her work running for Vice-President. No wonder she got so mad at Bristol when she found out that she was pregnant. Who needs that news on top of finding out you’re pregnant yourself at age 44. My parents would have thrown me out of the house if I came home and told then I was pregnant. So it was probably for the best that Bristol had to move in with her aunt after Sarah found out Bristol was pregnant.

I’m glad that the oldest boy’s out of the house. Track was the one addicted to OxyContin and was really out of control. And with no father in the house, how could Sarah control him? I read that Todd took leave from BP while Sarah’s on the campaign trail. I bet he’s in store for a lot of Mr. Mom high jinks! He doesn’t sound like he’s been around much to raise the kids. Ladies: Can you imagine what would happen if you left suddenly and your husband had to run everything?

[Oops! I better clarify. I just read something talking about Todd being around a lot. He’s also busy working on the family’s small businesses and getting in Sarah’s away when she’s at work.]

Update Sept 21, 2008. Who needs an affair when you have a witch hunting pastor praying over you!


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    johannes24k Says:

    She is a Jesus freak like the Taliban uses Islam, she will try to shove down religion on who ever is willing, the weak and low IQ people who voted Bush in power in the first place.
    So Americans are the ones who are guilty for this Gigantic economical
    mess in the USA and the rest of the world.
    Keep it up Republicans Democrats are a bad choice to with a glimmer of hope


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